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Yingliang Liu

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Terahertz driven amplification of coherent optical phonons in GaAs coupled to a metasurface

    M. Woerner, C. Somma, K. Reimann, T. Elsaesser, P. Q. Liu, Y. Yang, J. L. Reno, I. Brener

    Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) 107402/1-6
  2. Attosecond streaking metrology with isolated nanotargets

    Q. Liu, L. Seiffert, A. Trabattoni, M. C. Castrovilli, M. Galli, P. Rupp, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, M. Nisoli, E. Rühl, F. Krausz, T. Fennel, S. Zherebtsov, F. Calegari, M. F. Kling

    Journal of optics 20 (2018) 024002/1-13
  3. Ultrafast preparation and detection of ring currents in single atoms

    S. Eckart , M. Kunitski, M. Richter, A. Hartung, J. Rist, F. Trinter, K. Fehre, N. Schlott, K. Henrichs, L. Ph. H. Schmidt, T. Jahnke, M. Schöffler, Kunlong Liu, I. Barth, J. Kaushal, F. Morales, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova, R. Dörner   

    Nature Physics 14 (2018) 701–704
  4. Quenching of material dependence in few-cycle driven electron acceleration from nanoparticles under many-particle charge interaction

    P. Rupp, L. Seiffert, Q. Liu, F. Süßmann, B. Ahn, B. För, C. G. Schäfer, M. Gallei, V. Mondes, A. Kessel, S. A. Trushin, C. Graf, E. Rühl, J. Lee, M. S. Kim, D. Kim, T. Fennel, M. F. Kling, S. Zherebtsov

    Journal of Modern Optics 64 (2017) 995-1003
  5. Attosecond chronoscopy of electron scattering in dielectric nanoparticles

    L. Seiffert, Q. Liu, S. Zherebtsov, A. Trabattoni, P. Rupp, M. C. Castrovilli, M. Galli, F. Süßmann, K. Wintersperger, J. Stierle, G. Sansone, L. Poletto, F. Frassetto, I. Halfpap, V. Mondes, C. Graf, E. Rühl, F. Krausz, M. Nisoli, T. Fennel, F. Calegari, M. F. Kling

    Nature Physics online (2017) 4129
  6. Quantum interference in laser-induced nonsequential double ionization

    W. Quan, X. L Hao, Y. L Wang, Y. J. Chen, S. G Yu, S. P Xu, Z. L Xiao, H. P Sun, X. Y Lai, S. L Hu, M. Q Liu, Z. Shu, W. D Li, W. Becker, X. J Liu, J. Chen

    Physical Review A 96 (2017) 032511/1-9
  7. Molecular couplings and energy exchange between DNA and water mapped by femtosecond infrared spectroscopy of backbone vibrations

    Y. Liu, B. Guchhait, T. Siebert, B. P. Fingerhut, T. Elsaesser

    Structural Dynamics 4 (2017) 044015/1-15
  8. Structural dynamics of DNA hydration shell studied by 2D IR and pump-probe technique

    Y. Liu

    Dissertation Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2017)
  9. Structural and magnetic characterization of large area, free-standing thin films of magnetic ion intercalated dichalcogenides Mn0.25TaS2 and Fe0.25TaS2

    T. Danz, Q. Liu, X. D. Zhu, L. H. Wang, S. W. Cheong, I. Radu, C. Ropers, R. I. Tobey

    Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 28 (2016) 356002/1-6
  10. Range, magnitude, and ultrafast dynamics of electric fields at the hydrated DNA surface

    T. Siebert, B. Guchhait, Y. Liu, B. P. Fingerhut, T. Elsaesser

    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (2016) 3131−3136