MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandner

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Autoionization distribution of atomic high doubly excited states: A "breathing spheres" approach

    W. Huang, U. Eichmann, W. Sandner

    Physical Review A 59 (1999) 2744-2748
  2. Influence of pump pulse parameters on the collisionally pumped germanium X-ray laser in the transient regime

    K. A. Janulewicz, S. B. Healy, M. P. Kalachnikov, P. J. Warwick, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner, G. J. Pert

    Optics Communications 168 (1999) 183-193
  3. Enhanced efficiency in high-order harmonic generation using sub 50 fs laser pulses

    G. Sommerer, H. Rottke, W. Sandner

    Laser Physics 9 (1999) 430-432
  4. Multiphoton ionization of dissociating D2+ molecules

    C. Trump, H. Rottke, W. Sandner

    Physical Review A 59 (1999) 2858-2863
  5. Strong field photoionization of vibrational ground state H2+ and D2+ molecules

    C. Trump, H. Rottke, W. Sandner

    Physical Review A 60 (1999) 3924-3928
  6. Transient inversion of soft x-ray lasers

    P.J. Warwick, K.A. Janulewicz, M.P. Kalashnikov, A. Klisnick, C.L.S. Lewis, W. Sandner, P.V. Nickles

    Journal Quantum Electronics 5 (1999) 1447-1452
  7. Collective multi-electron tunneling in state- and charge-selected atoms in strong fields

    H. Maeda, M. Dammasch, U. Eichmann, W. Sandner

    Ultrafast Phenomena XI Springer Verlag (1998) 432-434
  8. Doubly excited 5s5p (3P1) np autoionizing Rydberg states of indium

    H. Maeda, U. Eichmann, W. Sandner

    Physical Review A 57 (1998) 3376-3380
  9. The molecular hydrogen B-state in an intense light field

    H. Rottke, J. Ludwig, W. Sandner

    Proceedings of the OSA Conference on "Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources VII", Plenum Publishing Corp. (1998) 223-228
  10. Multiphoton ionization and dissoziation of H2O

    H. Rottke, C. Trump, W. Sandner

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 31 (1998) 1083-1096