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MBI Publications

  1. Multi-watt continuous-wave and passively Q-switched Tm:CaYAlO4 micro-lasers

    M. Chen, P. Loiko, F. Yue, V. Jambunathan, A. Lucianetti, T. Mocek, J. M. Serres, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, T. G. Park, J. E. Bae, F. Rotermund, X. Xu, J. Xu, S. Dai, Z. Chen, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Mateos, A. Major

    SPIE Proceedings Series 11259 (2020) 1125927/1-7
  2. 73-fs SESAM mode-locked Tm,Ho:CNGG laser at 2061 nm

    Y. Wang, Y. Zhao, Z. Pan, S. Suomalainen, A. Härkönen, M. Guina, U. Griebner, L. Wang, P. Loiko, X. Mateos, W. Chen, V. Petrov

    SPIE Proceedings Series 11259 (2020) 1125929/1-6
  3. Growth, spectroscopy and laser operation of Yb3+,Na+/Li+-codoped CNGG-type garnets promising for ultrafast lasers

    Z. Pan, P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, H. Yuan, X. Dai, H. Cai, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, P. Camy, Y. Wang, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Mateos

    SPIE Proceedings Series 11259 (2020) 1125911/1-6
  4. High-energy 2 µm pulsed vortex beam excitation from a Q-switched Tm:LuYAG laser

    Y. Chen, M. Ding, J. Wang, L. Wang, Q. Liu, Y. Zhao, Y. Liu, D. Shen, Z. Wang, X. Xu, V. Petrov

    Optics Letters 45 (2020) 722-725
  5. Graphene mode-locked operation of Tm3+:YLiF4 and Tm3+:KY3F10 lasers near 2.3 μm

    A. Muti, F. Canbaz, M. Tonelli, J. E. Bae, F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, A. Sennaroglu

    Optics Letters 45 (2020) 656-659
  6. SWCNT-SA mode-locked Tm:LuYO3 ceramic laser delivering 8-optical-cycle pulses at 2,05 µm

    Y. Zhao, L. Wang, Y. Wang, J. Zhang, P. Liu, X. Xu, Y. Liu, D. Shen, J. E. Bae, T. G. Park, F. Rotermund, X. Mateos, P. Loiko, Z. Wang, X. Xu, J. Xu, M. Mero, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, W. Chen

    Optics Letters 45 (2020) 459-462
  7. Upconversion pumping of a 2.3 µm Tm3+:KY3F10 laser with a 1064 nm ytterbium fiber laser

    Y. Morova, M. Tonelli, V. Petrov, A. Sennaroglu

    Optics Letters 45 (2020) 931-934
  8. 67-fs pulse generation from a mode-locked Tm,Ho:CLNGG laser at 2083 nm

    Y. Zhao, Y. Wang, W. Chen, Z. Pan, L. Wang, X. Dai, H. Yuan, Y. Zhang, H. Cai, J. E. Bae, S. Y. Choi, F. Rotermund, P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, X. Mateos, W. Zhou, D. Shen, U. Griebner, V. Petrov

    Optics Express 27 (2019) 1922-1928
  9. Thermo-optic dispersion formula for LiGaS2

    K. Kato, N. Umemura, L. Isaenko, S. Lobanov, V. Vedenyapin, K. Miyata, V. Petrov

    Applied Optics 58 (2019) 1519-1521
  10. Graphene and SESAM mode-locked Yb:CNGS lasers with self-frequency doubling properties

    M. Kowalczyk, X. Zhang, X. Mateos, S. Guo, Z. Wang, X. Xu, P. Loiko, F. Rotermund, J. Sotor, U. Griebner, V. Petrov

    Optics Express 27 (2019) 590-596