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  1. Optimized annealing conditions identified by analysis of radiative recombination in dilute Ga(As,N)

    G. Mussler, L. Däweritz, K.H. Ploog, J.W. Tomm, V. Talalaev

    Applied Physics Letters 83 (2003) 1343-1345
  2. Nanoscopic measurements of surface recombination velocity and diffusion length in a semiconductor quantum well

    V. Malyarchuk, J.W. Tomm, V. Talalaev, Ch. Lienau, F. Rinner, M. Baeumler

    Applied Physics Letters 81 (2002) 346-348
  3. Photoluminescence decay time measurements from self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots grown on misoriented substrates

    A.S. Shkolnik, E.B. Dogonkin, V.P. Evtikhiev, E.Yu. Kotelnikov, I.V. Kudryashof, V.G. Talalaev, B.V. Novikov, J.W. Tomm, G. Gobsch

    Nanotechnology 12 Institute of Physics Publishing (2001) 512-514
  4. Radiative recombination features of metastable quantum dot array

    V.G. Talalaev, B.V. Novikov, G. Gobsch, R. Goldhahn, N. Stein, J. W. Tomm, A. Maasdorf, G.E. Cirlin, V.N. Petrov, V.M. Ustinov

    Physica status solidi (b) 224 (2001) 101-105
  5. Stimulated emission in multi-valley lead salts with star degeneracy lifted by strain and magnetic fields

    J.W. Tomm, K.H. Herrmann, S. Haertle, T. Kelz, M. Mocker, T. Elsaesser, R. Klann, V.B. Novikov, V.G. Talalaev, V.E. Todorovskii, H. Böttner

    Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. 144 (1995) 135-139
  6. Threshold of stimulated emission in multi-valley lead salts

    J.W. Tomm, M. Mocker, T. Kelz, T. Elsaesser, R. Klann, B.V. Novikov, V.G. Talalaev, V.E. Tudorovskii, H. Böttner

    Journal of Applied Physics 78 (1995) 7247-7254