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  1. Nanoplasmonic electron acceleration by attosecond-controlled forward rescattering in silver clusters

    J. Passig, S. Zherebtsov, R. Irsig, M. Arbeiter, C. Peltz, S. Göde, S. Skruszewicz, K.-H. Meiwes-Broer, J. Tiggesbäumker, M. F. Kling, T. Fennel

    Nature Communications 8 (2017) 1181/1-7
  2. Coherent diffractive imaging of single helium nanodroplets with a high harmonic generation source

    D. Rupp, N. Monserud, B. Langbehn, M. Sauppe, J. Zimmermann, Y. Ovcharenko, T. Möller, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, A. Trabattoni, F. Calegari, M. Nisoli, K. Sander, C. Peltz, M. J. J. Vrakking, T. Fennel, A. Rouzée

    Nature Communications 8 (2017) 493/1-6
  3. Attosecond chronoscopy of electron scattering in dielectric nanoparticles

    L. Seiffert, Q. Liu, S. Zherebtsov, A. Trabattoni, P. Rupp, M. C. Castrovilli, M. Galli, F. Süßmann, K. Wintersperger, J. Stierle, G. Sansone, L. Poletto, F. Frassetto, I. Halfpap, V. Mondes, C. Graf, E. Rühl, F. Krausz, M. Nisoli, T. Fennel, F. Calegari, M. F. Kling

    Nature Physics online (2017) 4129
  4. Quenching of material dependence in few-cycle driven electron acceleration from nanoparticles under many-particle charge interaction

    P. Rupp, L. Seiffert, Q. Liu, F. Süßmann, B. Ahn, B. För, C. G. Schäfer, M. Gallei, V. Mondes, A. Kessel, S. A. Trushin, C. Graf, E. Rühl, J. Lee, M. S. Kim, D. Kim, T. Fennel, M. F. Kling, S. Zherebtsov

    Journal of Modern Optics 64 (2017) 995-1003
  5. Trapping field assisted backscattering in strong-field photoemission from dielectric nanospheres

    L. Seiffert, P. Henning, P. Rupp, S. Zherebtsov, P. Hommelhoff, M. F Kling, T. Fennel

    Journal of Modern Optics 64 (2017) 1096-1103
  6. Attosekunden-Stoppuhr für inelastische Elektronenstöße

    L. Seiffert, T. Fennel, F. Calegari, M.F. Kling

    Physik in unserer Zeit 48 (2017) 217-218
  7. Atomare Cluster im Fokus - Intensive Röntgenpulse enthüllen die Struktur und ultraschnelle Entwicklung einzelner Nanoteilchen

    Rupp, D., Fennel, T., Möller, T.

    Physik Journal 11 (2017) 33-39
  8. Massively Parallel Microscopic Particle-in-Cell

    G. Bart, C. Peltz, N. Bigaouette, T. Fennel, T. Brabec, C. Varin

    Computer Physics Communications 219 (2017) 269-285
  9. How to propagate a wavefunction?

    D. Bauer, T. Fennel

    Computational Strong-Field Quantum Dynamics De Gruyter Textbook (2017) 1-44
  10. Microscopic particle-in-cell approach

    C. Peltz, C. Varin, T. Brabec, T. Fennel

    Computational Strong-Field Quantum Dynamics De Gruyter Textbook (2017) 227–270