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MBI Publications

  1. High order harmonic generation spectroscopy of correlation-driven electron hole dynamics

    J. Leeuwenburgh, B. Cooper, V. Averbukh, J. P. Marangos, M. Ivanov

    Physical Review Letters 111 (2013) 123002/1-5
  2. Harmonic generation spectroscopy with a two-colour laser field having orthogonal linear polarizations

    T. S. Sarantseva, M. V. Frolov, N. L. Manakov, M. Yu. Ivanov, A. F. Starace

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 46 (2013) 231001/1-7
  3. Multichannel contributions in the nonsequential double ionization of CO2

    M. Oppermann, S. J. Weber, L. J. Frasinski, M. Yu. Ivanov, J. P. Marangos

    Physical Review A 88 (2013) 043432/1-6
  4. Ellipticity dependence of strong field electron recollision for molecular structural imaging

    S. J. Weber, M. Oppermann, M. Yu. Ivanov, J. P. Marangos

    Journal of Modern Optics 60 (2013) 1379-1387
  5. Role of subcycle transition dynamics in high-order-harmonic generation in periodic structures

    P. G. Hawkins, M. Yu. Ivanov

    Physical Review A 87 (2013) 063842/1-7
  6. Zero-range-potential model for strong-field molecular processes: Dynamic polarizability and photodetachment cross section

    S. V. Borzunov, M. V. Frolov, M. Yu. Ivanov, N. L. Manakov, S. S. Marmo, A. F. Starace

    Physical Review A 88 (2013) 033410/1-18
  7. Three-body bound states in atomic mixtures with resonant p-wave interaction

    M. A. Efremov, L. Plimak, M. Ivanov, W. P. Schleich

    Physical Review Letters 111 (2013) 113201/1-5
  8. The role of the Kramers–Henneberger atom in the higher-order Kerr effect

    M. Richter, S. Patchkovskii, F. Morales, O. Smirnova, M. Ivanov

    New Journal of Physics 15 (2013) 083012/1-14
  9. Spatio-spectral analysis of ionization times in high-harmonic generation

    H. Soifer, M. Dagan, D. Shafir, B. D. Bruner, M. Yu. Ivanov, V. Serbinenko, I. Barth, O. Smirnova, N. Dudovich

    Chemical Physics 414 (2013) 176–183
  10. Coherent control in strongly driven multi-level systems: quantum vs classical features

    M. Y. Ivanov, D. Bartram, O. Smirnova

    Molecular Physics 110 (2012) 1801-1805