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  1. When does an electron exit a tunneling barrier?

    D. Shafir, H. Soifer, B. D. Bruner, M. Dagan, Y. Mairesse, S. Patchkovskii, M. Y. Ivanov, O. Smirnova, N. Dudovich

    Ultrafast Phenomena XVIII 41 EDP Sciences (2013) 02019/1-3
  2. High order harmonic generation spectroscopy of correlation-driven electron hole dynamics

    J. Leeuwenburgh, B. Cooper, V. Averbukh, J. P. Marangos, M. Ivanov

    Physical Review Letters 111 (2013) 123002/1-5
  3. Harmonic generation spectroscopy with a two-colour laser field having orthogonal linear polarizations

    T. S. Sarantseva, M. V. Frolov, N. L. Manakov, M. Yu. Ivanov, A. F. Starace

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 46 (2013) 231001/1-7
  4. Multichannel contributions in the nonsequential double ionization of CO2

    M. Oppermann, S. J. Weber, L. J. Frasinski, M. Yu. Ivanov, J. P. Marangos

    Physical Review A 88 (2013) 043432/1-6
  5. Ellipticity dependence of strong field electron recollision for molecular structural imaging

    S. J. Weber, M. Oppermann, M. Yu. Ivanov, J. P. Marangos

    Journal of Modern Optics 60 (2013) 1379-1387
  6. Role of subcycle transition dynamics in high-order-harmonic generation in periodic structures

    P. G. Hawkins, M. Yu. Ivanov

    Physical Review A 87 (2013) 063842/1-7
  7. Zero-range-potential model for strong-field molecular processes: Dynamic polarizability and photodetachment cross section

    S. V. Borzunov, M. V. Frolov, M. Yu. Ivanov, N. L. Manakov, S. S. Marmo, A. F. Starace

    Physical Review A 88 (2013) 033410/1-18
  8. Three-body bound states in atomic mixtures with resonant p-wave interaction

    M. A. Efremov, L. Plimak, M. Ivanov, W. P. Schleich

    Physical Review Letters 111 (2013) 113201/1-5
  9. The role of the Kramers–Henneberger atom in the higher-order Kerr effect

    M. Richter, S. Patchkovskii, F. Morales, O. Smirnova, M. Ivanov

    New Journal of Physics 15 (2013) 083012/1-14
  10. Spatio-spectral analysis of ionization times in high-harmonic generation

    H. Soifer, M. Dagan, D. Shafir, B. D. Bruner, M. Yu. Ivanov, V. Serbinenko, I. Barth, O. Smirnova, N. Dudovich

    Chemical Physics 414 (2013) 176–183