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MBI Publications

  1. Effect of multiple conduction bands on high-harmonics emission from dielectrics

    P. G. Hawkins, M. Yu. Ivanov, V. S. Yakovlev

    Physical Review A 91 (2015) 013405/1-5
  2. Generating isolated elliptically polarized attosecond pulses using bichromatinc counterrotating circularly polarized laser fields

    L. Medisauskas, J. Wragg, Van der Hart, H., M. Y. Ivanov

    Physical Review Letters 115 (2015) 153001/1-5
  3. Sub-laser-cycle control of coupled electron-nuclear dynamics at a conical intersection

    M. Richter, F. Bouakline, J. Gonzalez-Vazquez, L. Martinez-Fernandez, I. Corral, S. Patchkovskii, F. Morales, M. Ivanov, F. Martin, O. Smirnova

    New Journal of Physics 12 (2015) 113023/1-16
  4. Spin–orbit Larmor clock for ionization times in one-photon and strong-field regimes

    J. Kaushal, F. Morales, L.Torlina, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 48 (2015) 234002/1-14
  5. Interpreting attoclock measurements of tunnelling times

    L. Torlina, F. Morales, J. Kaushal, I. Ivanov, A. Kheifets, A. Zielinski, A. Scrinzi, H. G. Muller, S. Sukiasyan, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova

    Nature Physics 11 (2015) 503-508
  6. Ionization in strong low-frequency fields

    M. Ivanov

    Attosecond and XUV physics: Ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA (2014) 179-200
  7. 50 years of optical tunneling

    L. DiMauro, M. Frolov, K. L. Ishikawa, M. Ivanov

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 47 (2014) 200301/1-4
  8. Spin conservation in high-order-harmonic generation using bicircular fields

    E. Pisanty, S. Sukiasyan, M. Ivanov

    Physical Review A 90 (2014) 043829/1-7
  9. Reconstruction of correlation-driven electron-hole dynamics by high-harmonic-generation spectroscopy

    J. Leeuwenburgh, B. Cooper, V. Averbukh, J. P. Marangos, M. Ivanov

    Physical Review A 90 (2014) 033426/1-10
  10. X-ray imaging of chemically active valence electrons during a pericyclic reaction

    T. Bredtmann, M. Ivanov, G. Dixit

    Nature Communications 5 (2014) 5589/1-7