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MBI Publications

  1. X-ray generation under oblique incidence of femtosecond laser pulses with kHz pulse repetition rate on a metal foil with irregular relief

    A. A. Goryaev, A. A. Andreev, K. Yu Platonov, M. V. Sedov, N. I. Zhavoronkov

    Optics and Spectroscopy 117 (2014) 990-994
  2. Time-resolved excited state energetics of the solvated electron in sodium-doped water clusters

    J. P. Müller, N. Zhavoronkov, I. V. Hertel, C. P. Schulz

    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (2014) 8517-8524
  3. Sub-femtosecond hard X-ray radiation generated by electron bunches ejected from water larget

    N. Zhavoronkov, A. Andreev, K. Platonov

    Laser and Particle Beams 31 (2013) 635-642
  4. Real-time observation of interference between atomic one-electron and two-electron excitations

    H. Geiseler, H. Rottke, N. Zhavoronkov, W. Sandner

    Physical Review Letters 108 (2012) 123601/1-5
  5. Ultrafast photo-excitation dynamics in isolated, neutral water clusters

    H. T. Liu, J. P. Müller, M. Beutler, M. Ghotbi, F. Noack, W. Radloff, N. Zhavoronkov, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Chemical Physics 134 (2011) 094305/1-10
  6. Efficient spectral conversion and temporal compression of femtosecond pulses in SF6

    N. Zhavoronkov

    Optics Letters 36 (2011) 529-531
  7. Observation of asymmetric spectrum broadening induced by silver nanoparticles in a heavy-metal oxide glass

    N. Zhavoronkov, R. Driben, B. A. Bregadiolli, M. Nalin, B. A. Malomed

    Europhysics Letters 94 (2011) 37011/1-5
  8. Ultrafast dynamics in Na-doped water clusters and the solvated electron

    H. T. Liu, J. P. Müller, N. Zhavoronkov, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (2010) 1508-1513
  9. Cascaded interactions between Raman induced solitons and dispersive waves in photonic crystal fibers at the advanced stage of supercontinuum generation

    R. Driben, F. Mitschke, N. Zhavoronkov

    Optics Express 18 (2010) 25993-25998
  10. Supercontinuum spectrum control in microstructure fibers by initial chirp management

    R. Driben, N. Zhavoronkov

    Optics Express 18 (2010) 16733-16738