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MBI Publications

  1. Two-particle quantum correlations in stochastically-coupled networks

    Léon-Montiel, R. de J. , V. Méndez , M. A. Quiroz-Juárez, A. Ortega, L. Benet, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch

    New Journal of Physics 21 (2019) 053041/1-12
  2. Fluctuation-induced phenomena in photonic systems: introduction

    F. Intravaia, D. A. R. Dalvit, K. Busch

    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 36 (2019) FIP1-FIP2
  3. Extended hydrodynamic description for nonequilibrium atom-surface interactions

    D. Reiche, M. Oelschläger, K. Busch, F. Intravaia

    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 36 (2019) C52-C61
  4. Low-loss fiber-to-chip couplers with ultrawide optical bandwidth

    H. Gehring, M. Blaicher, W. Hartmann, P. Varytis, K. Busch, M. Wegener, W. H. P. Pernice

    APL Photonics 4 (2019) 010801/1-7
  5. Mode-independent quantum entanglement for light

    J. Sperling, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch, C. Silberhorn

    Physical Review A 100 (2019) 062129/1-10
  6. A slab waveguide source for discontinuous Galerkin time-domain methods

    D.-N. Huynh, P. Varytis, K. Busch

    SPIE Proceedings Series 10688 (2018) 106880V/1-8
  7. Waveguide-integrated single photon spectrometer based on tailored disorder

    W. Hartmann, P. Varytis, K. Busch, W. Pernice

    SPIE Proceedings Series 10688 (2018) 106880W
  8. Nonequilibrium atom-surface interaction with lossy multilayer structures

    M. Oelschläger, K. Busch, F. Intravaia

    Physical Review A 97 (2018) 062507/1-13
  9. Fluorescence enhancement by a dark plasmon mode

    M. Peter, J. F. M. Werra, C. Friesen, D. Achnit, K. Busch, S. Linden

    Applied Physics B- Lasers and Optics 124 (2018) 83/1-6
  10. Anomalous resonances of an optical microcavity with a hyperbolic metamaterial core

    E. Travkin, T. Kiel, S. Sadofev, K. Busch, O. Benson, S. Kalusniak

    Physical Review B 97 (2018) 195133/1-5