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MBI Publications

  1. Anomalous resonances of an optical microcavity with a hyperbolic metamaterial core

    E. Travkin, T. Kiel, S. Sadofev, K. Busch, O. Benson, S. Kalusniak

    Physical Review B 97 (2018) 195133/1-5
  2. Limitations of particle-based spasers

    G. Kewes, K. Herrmann, R. Rodriguez-Oliveros, A. Kuhlicke, O. Benson, K. Busch

    Physical Review Letters 118 (2017) 237402/1-6
  3. Mid-infrared beam splitter for ultrashort pulses

    C. Somma, K. Reimann, M. Woerner, T. Kiel, K. Busch, A. Braun, M Matalla, K. Ickert, O. Krueger

    Optics Letters 52 (2017) 2918-2921
  4. Spatial dispersion in atom-surface quantum friction

    D. Reiche, D. A. R. Dalvit, K. Busch, F. Intravaia

    Physical review B 95 (2017) 155448/1-10
  5. Near-field study on the transition from localized to propagating plasmons on 2D nano-triangles

    T. Weber, T. Kiel, S. Irsen, K. Busch, S. Linden

    Optics Express 25 (2017) 16947-16956
  6. Dynamical Casimir effect in stochastic systems: Photon-harvesting through noise

    R. Román-Ancheyta, I. Ramos-Prieto, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch, R. de J. León-Montiel

    Physical Review A 96 (2017) 032501/1-6
  7. Quantum coherences of indistinguishable particles

    J. Sperling, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch, I. A. Walmsley

    Physical Review A 96 (2017) 032334/1-11
  8. Structure-induced resonant tail-state regime absorption in polymer: fullerene bulk-heterojunction solar cells

    T. Pfadler, T. Kiel, M. Stärk, J. F. M. Werra, C. Matyssek, D. Sommer, J. Boneneberg, K. Busch, J. Weickert, L. Schmidt-Mende

    Physical Review B 93 (2016) 5
  9. Ultrafast three-wave-mixing in plasmonic nanostructures

    D. Huynh, M. Moeferdt, C. Matyssek, C. Wolff, K. Busch

    Applied Physics B 122 (2016) 139/1-9
  10. Second harmonic generation from metal nano-particle resonators: Numerical analysis on the basis of the hydrodynamic Drude model

    A. Hille, M. Moeferdt, C. Wolff, C. Matyssek, R. Rodriguez-Oliveros, C. Prohm, J. Niegemann, S. Grafström, L. Eng, K. Busch

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (2016) 1163–1169