MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Dr. Julia Braenzel

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Note: Thickness determination of freestanding ultra-thin foils using a table top laboratory extreme ultraviolet source

    J. Braenzel, C. Pratsch, P. Hilz, C. Kreuzer, M. Schnuerer, H. Stiel, W. Sandner

    Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2013) 4807153/1-7
  2. Thomson spectrometer–microchannel plate assembly calibration for MeV-range positive and negative ions, and neutral atoms

    R. Prasad, F. Abicht, M. Borghesi, J. Braenzel, P. V. Nickles, G. Priebe, M. Schnürer, S. Ter-Avetisyan

    Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2013) 053302/1-6
  3. Stable laser-ion acceleration in the light sail regime

    S. Steinke, P. Hilz, M. Schnürer, G. Priebe, J. Bränzel, F. Abicht, D. Kiefer, C. Kreuzer, T. Ostermayr, J. Schreiber, A. A. Andreev, T. P. Yu, A. Pukhov, W. Sandner

    Phys. Rev. Special Topics in AB 16 (2013) 011303/1-5