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MBI Publications

  1. Direct acceleration in intense laser fields used for bunch amplification of relativistic electrons

    J. Braenzel, A. A. Andreev , L. Ehrentraut, M. Schnürer

    SPIE Proceedings Series 10240 (2017) 102400G
  2. Amplification of relativistic electron bunches by acceleration in laser fields

    J. Braenzel, A. A. Andreev, F. Abicht, L. Ehrentraut,, K. Platonov, M. Schnürer

    Physical Review Letters 118 (2017) 014801/1-5
  3. Relativistic laser plasma dynamics with ultrathin foils

    J. Braenzel

    Dissertation Technische Universität Berlin (2016)
  4. Efficient laser production of energetic neutral beams

    F. Mollica, L. Antonelli, A. Flacco, J. Braenzel, B. Vauzour, G. Folpini,, G. Birindelli, M. Schnuerer, D. Batani, V. Malka

    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (2016) 034016/1-7
  5. New source of MeV negative ion and neutral atom beams

    S. Ter-Avetisyan, J. Braenzel, M. Schnuerer, R. Prasad, M. Borghesi, S. Jequier, V. Tikhonchuk

    Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (2016) 02B134/1-4
  6. Highly periodic laser-induced nanostructures on thin Ti and Cu foils for potential application in laser ion acceleration

    S. K. Das, A. Andreev, H. Messaoudi, J. Braenzel, M. Schnuerer, R. Grunwald

    Journal of Applied Physics 119 (2016) 113101/1-7
  7. Tracing dynamics of laser-induced fields on ultra thin foils using complementary imaging with streak deflectometry

    F. Abicht, J. Bränzel, G. Priebe, Ch. Koschitzki, A. A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner, M. Schnürer

    Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 19 (2016) 091302/1-17
  8. Relativistic laser nano-plasmonics for effective fast particle production

    A. Andreev, K. Platonov, J. Braenzel, A. Lubcke, S. Das, H. Messaoudi, R. Grunwald, C. Gray, E. McGlynn, M. Schnuerer

    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (2015) 014038/1-10
  9. Coulomb driven energy boost of heavy ions for laser plasma acceleration

    J. Braenzel, A. A. Andreev, K. Platonov, M. Klingsporn, L. Ehrentraut, W. Sandner, M. Schnürer

    Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 124801/1-5
  10. Diagnostics of peak laser intensity based on the measurement of energy of electrons emitted from laser focal region

    M. P. Kalashnikov, A. A. Andreev, K. Ivanov, A. Galkin, V. Korobkin, M. Romanovsky, O. Shiryaev, M. Schnuerer, J. Braenzel, V. Trofimov

    Laser and Particle Beams 361-366 (2015) 1-6