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  • Project Member 4.1 "Implementation of Lasers and Measuring Techniques"


The development of thin-disk laser technology was a very important topic for MBI during the last several years. These developments are now used on a daily basis for different applications, e.g. as driver laser for a laser-plasma based soft X-ray source.

OPCPA systems with their broadband amplification spectrum and the resulting very short pulse duration are of increasing importance to study ultra-fast dynamics. We have integrated two of our Yb:YAG regenerative thin-disk lasers as pump lasers in an OPCPA laser system to generate sub-10 fs pulses with 30 mJ pulse energy.

This OPCPA system has been set up, recently, and is used for experiments since December 2018. In three successive OPCPA stages the pulse energy of a broadband seed pulse is amplified to more than 30 mJ. Challenging in the setup of OPCPA systems is the temporal overlap of seed and pump pulses. The timing has to be monitored to compensated for thermal drifts and timing jitter due to e.g. vibrations or air turbulences. The compression with low energy loss of the broadband amplified pulse is also of major importance. We use a combination of glass compressor and chirped mirrors to reach a pulse duration well below 10 fs.

This system is still under further development in close contact to the users and depending on the needs of their experiments.

Recent highlight(s)

  • OPCPA system emitting pulses with energy ~30mJ, duration < 10 fs at 100 Hz repetition rate.
  • Demonstration of more than 1 J pulse energy at 100 Hz repetition rate using a room-temperature ring amplifier based on thin-disk technology.
  • Regenerative amplifier emitting more than 300 mJ pulse energy at 100 Hz repetition rate.

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