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MBI Publications

  1. C60 in intense short pulse laser fields down to 9 fs: excitation on time scales below e-e and e-phonon coupling

    I. Shchatsinin, T. Laarmann, G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer, A. Stalmashonak, N. Zhavoronkov, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Chemical Physics 125 (2006) 194320/1-15
  2. Wave packet dynamics of K2 attached to helium nanodroplets

    P. Claas, G. Droppelmann, C. P. Schulz, M. Mudrich, F. Stienkemeier

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 39 (2006) S1151-S1168
  3. Nonadiabatic multielectron dynamics in (moderately) strong laser fields: C60 a model case for large finite system

    T. Laarmann, I. Shchatsinin, M. L. Boyle, G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    Femtochemistry VII: Fundamental Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Elsevier (2006) 543-552
  4. Ultrafast excitation, ionization and fragmentation of C60

    I. V. Hertel, T. Laarmann, C. P. Schulz

    Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50 Elsevier, Amsterdam (2005) 219-286
  5. Fragmentation dynamics of fullerenes in intense fs-laser fields: Loss of small neutral fragments on a picosecond time scale

    M. Boyle, T. Laarmann, I. Shchatsinin, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Chemical Physics 122 (2005) 181103/1-4
  6. A femtosecond laser study of the endohedral fullerenes Li@C60 and La@C82

    A. Lassesson, K. Hansen, M. Jönsson, A. Gromov, E. E. B. Campbell, M. Boyle, D. Pop, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    European Physical Journal D 34 (2005) 205-209
  7. Excitation dynamics of Rydberg states in C60

    M. Boyle, T. Laarmann, K. Hoffmann, M. Hedén, E. E. B. Campbell, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    European Physical Journal D 36 (2005) 339-351
  8. Femtosecond dynamics of Cu(H2O)2

    M. S. Taylor, J. Barbera, C. P. Schulz, F. Muntean, A. B. McCoy, W. C. Lineberger

    Journal of Chemical Physics 122 (2005) 054310/1-11
  9. Ultrafast energy redistribution in photoexcited sodium-ammonia clusters

    C. P. Schulz, A. Scholz, I. V. Hertel

    Israel Journal of Chemistry, Part B 44 (2004) 19-25
  10. Formation and stability of high-spin alkali clusters

    C. P. Schulz, P. Claas, D. Schumacher, F. Stienkemeier

    Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 013401/1-4