MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Dr. Bernd Winter

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Electron transmission through organized organic thin films studied for discrete initial electron kinetic energies

    A. Haran, R. Naaman, G. Ashkenasy, A. Shanzer, T. Quast, B. Winter, I. V. Hertel

    The European Physical Journal B 8 (1999) 445-451
  2. Dynamics of photon-induced processes in adsorbate surface systems studied by laser-synchrotron pump-probe techniques

    B. Winter, J. Gatzke, T. Quast, I. Will, M. T. Wick, A. Liero, D. Pop, I. V. Hertel

    SPIE Proceedings 3451 (1998) 62-69
  3. Excited-state photoemission with combined laser/synchrotron pulse excitation from C60 chemisorbed on Ni(110)

    T. Quast, R. Bellmann, B. Winter, J. Gatzke, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Applied Physics 83 (1998) 1642-1648
  4. Thermal desorption spectroscopy of fullerene films containing endohedral Li@C60

    Ch. Kusch, N. Krawez, R. Tellgmann, B. Winter, E. E. B. Campbell

    Applied Physics A 66 (1998) 293-298
  5. MBI facility at BESSY II for time-resolved pump probe techniques with laser and undulator radiation

    J. Gatzke, B. Winter, T. Quast, I. V. Hertel

    Proceedings of the conference on time structure of x-ray sources and it's applications 3464 SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (1998)
  6. Stability of photo-excited C60 chemisorbed on Ni(111)

    Ch. Kusch, B. Winter, R. Mitzner, A. Gomes-Silva, E. E. B. Campbell, I. V. Hertel

    Chem. Phys. Lett. 275 (1997) 469-476
  7. On the Mechanism of C60 Thin Film Laser-induced Desorption

    B. Winter, R. Mitzner, Ch. Kusch, E. E. B. Campbell, I. V. Hertel

    J. Chem. Phys. 104 (1996) 9179-9190
  8. Coalescence Reactions in Laser-Induced Fullerene Desorption: The Role of Fragments

    R. Mitzner, B. Winter, Ch. Kusch, E. E. B. Campbell, I. V. Hertel

    Zeitschrift für Physik D: Atoms, Molecules and Clusters 37 (1996) 89-95
  9. Nano-and Picosecond Laser Desorption of C60

    E. E. B. Campbell, I. V. Hertel, Ch. Kusch, R. Mitzner, B. Winter

    Synthetic Metals 77 (1996) 173-176