MBI Staff Member – Personal info


Department Head A1

Coordinator of Project 2.1 "Time-resolved XUV-science"

Member of project 2.2 "Strong-field few-body physics"


The recent development of ultrashort bursts of short wavelength radiation opens new routes to image molecules and their dynamics with unprecedent spatial and temporal resolution. In our group, we are implementing time-resolved XUV and X-ray imaging techniques in extended systems from polyatomic molecules to clusters to explore the details of multielectron dynamics and electron-nuclear couplings.

"Strong field ionization of atoms and molecules"

"Ultrafast XUV/X-ray & photoelectron imaging"

"Multiphoton XUV and X-ray ionization dynamics"

"Femtosecond and attosecond molecular dynamics"

Curriculum vitae

2014-present: Permanent staff scientist
Project coordinator : 2.3 time-resolved XUV science
Max-Born-Institute, Berlin, Germany.

2011-2014: Postdoctoral Fellow II Max-Born-Institute, Berlin, Germany.

2010-2011: Guest scientist Max-Born-Institute, Berlin, Germany.

2007-2011: Postdoctoral Fellow I FOM institute, AMOLF

2004-2007: Lecturer French CIES Monitor Dijon University

2004-2007: Ph.D. Thesis: "Laser-induced molecular alignment of asymmetric top molecules", Dijon University

MBI Publications

  1. Time-resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy: from a bound molecule to an isolated atom

    F. Brauße, G. Goldsztejn, K. Amini, R. Boll, S. Bari, C. Bomme, M. Brouard, M. Burt, Cunha de Miranda, B. , S. Düsterer, B. Erk, M. Géléoc, R. Geneaus, A. Gentleman, R. Guillemenin, I. Ismail, P. Johnsson, L. Journel, T. Kierspel, H. Köckert, J. Küpper, P. Lablamquie, J. Lahl, J. W. L. Lee, S. R. Mackenzie, S. Maclot, B. Manschwetus, A. S. Mereshchenko, T. Mullins, P. K. Olshin, J. Palaudoux, S. Patchkovskii, F. Penent, Novella Paincastelli, M., D. Rompotis, T. Ruchon, A. Rudenko, E. Savelyev, N. Schirmel, S. Techert, O. Travnikova, S. Trippel, J. G. Underwood, C. Vallance, J. Wiese, M. Simon, D. Holland, T. Marchenko, A. Rouzée, D. Rolles

    Physical Review A 97 (2018) 043429/1-10
  2. Photodissociation of aligned CH3I and C6H3F2I molecules probed with time-resolved coulomb explosion imaging by site-selective extreme ultraviolet ionization

    K. Amini, E. Savelyev, F. Brausse, N. Berrah, C. Bomme, M. Brouard, M. Burt, L. Christensen, S. Düsterer, B. Erk, H. Höppner, T. Kierspel, F. Krecinic, A. Lauer, J. W. L. Lee, M. Müller, E. Müller, T. Mullins, H. Redlin, N. Schirmel, J. Thøgersen, S. Techert, S. Toleikis, R. Treusch, S. Trippel, A. Ulmer, C. Vallance, J. Wiese, P. Johnsson, J. Küpper, A. Rudenko, A. Rouzée, H. Stapelfeldt, D. Rolles, R. Boll

    Structural Dynamics 5 (2018) 014301/1-13
  3. Low-energy electron emission in the strong-field ionization of rare gas clusters

    B. Schütte, C. Peltz, D. R. Austin, C. Strüber, P. Ye, A. Rouzée, M. J. J. Vrakking, N. Golubev, A. I. Kuleff, T. Fennel, J. P. Marangos

    Physical Review Letters 121 (2018) 63202/1-6
  4. Extreme-ultraviolet refractive optics

    L. Drescher, O. Kornilov, T. Witting, G. Reitsma, N. Monserud, A. Rouzée, J. Mikosch, M. J. J. Vrakking, B. Schütte

    Nature 564 (2018) 91–94
  5. Coulomb explosion imaging of CH3I and CH2ClI photodissociation dynamics

    F. Allum, M. Burt, K. Amini, R. Boll, H. Köckert, P. K. Olshin, S. Bari, C. Bomme, F. Brauße, Cunha de Miranda, B. , S. Dusterer, B. Erk, M. Geleoc, R. Geneaux, A. S. Gentleman, G. Goldsztejn, R. Guillemin, D. M. P. Holland, I. Ismail, P. Johnsson, L. Journel, J. Kupper, J. Lahl, J. W. L. Lee, S. Maclot, S. R. Mackenzie, B. Manschwetus, A.S. Mereshchenko, R. Mason, J. Palaudoux, M. N. Piancastelli, F. Penent, D. Rompotis, A. Rouzee, T. Ruchon, A. Rudenko, E. Savelyev, M. Simon, N. Schirmel, H. Stapelfeldt, S.Techert, O.Travnikova, S. Trippel, J. G. Underwood, C. Vallance, J. Wiese, F. Ziaee, M. Brouard, T. Marchenko, D. Rolles

    Journal of Chemical Physics 149 (2018) 204313/1-10
  6. Ultrafast modulation of electronic structure by coherent phonon excitations

    J. Weisshaupt, A. Rouzée, M. Woerner, M. J. J. Vrakking, T. Elsaesser, E. L. Shirley, A. Borgschulte

    Physical Review B (R) 95 (2017) 081101/1-5
  7. Atomschwingungen in Superzeitlupe

    J. Weisshaupt, A. Rouzée, M. Woerner

    Physik in unserer Zeit 48 (2017) 113-114
  8. Coulomb-explosion imaging of concurrent CH2BrI photodissociation dynamics

    M. Burt, R. Boll, J. W. L. Lee, K. Amini, H. Köckert, C. Vallance, A. S. Gentleman, S. R. Mackenzie, S. Bari, C. Bomme, S. Düsterer, B. Erk, B. Manschwetus, E. Müller, D. Rompotis, E. Savelyev, N. Schirmel, S. Techert, R. Treusch, J. Küpper, S. Trippel, J. Wiese, H. Stapelfeldt, B. Cunha de Miranda, R. Guillemin, I. Ismail, L. Journel, T. Marchenko, J. Palaudoux, F. Penent, M. Novella Piancastelli, M. Simon, O. Travnikova, F. Brausse, G. Goldsztejn, A. Rouzée, M. Géléoc, R. Geneaux, T. Ruchon, J. Underwood, D. M. P. Holland, A. S. Mereshchenko, P. K. Olshin, P. Johnsson, S. Maclot, J. Lahl, A. Rudenko, F. Ziaee, M. Brouard, D. Rolles

    Physical Review A 96 (2017) 043415
  9. Coherent diffractive imaging of single helium nanodroplets with a high harmonic generation source

    D. Rupp, N. Monserud, B. Langbehn, M. Sauppe, J. Zimmermann, Y. Ovcharenko, T. Möller, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, A. Trabattoni, F. Calegari, M. Nisoli, K. Sander, C. Peltz, M. J. J. Vrakking, T. Fennel, A. Rouzée

    Nature Communications 8 (2017) 493/1-6
  10. Rabi oscillations in extreme ultraviolet ionization of atomic argon

    M. Floegel, J. Durá-Diez, B. Schütte, M. Ivanov, A. Rouzée, M. J. J. Vrakking

    Physical Review A 95 (2017) 021401R/1-5