MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Anke Schmidt

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Continuous-wave and mode-locked operation of diode-pumped Yb:NaY(WO4)2

    A. Schmidt, S. Rivier, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, A. Garcia-Cortes, M. D. Serrano, C. Cascales, C. Zaldo

    SPIE Proceedings 6998 (2008) 69980X (8pages)
  2. Diode-pumped femtosecond Yb:NaY(WO4)2 laser

    A. Schmidt, S. Rivier, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, A. Garcia-Cortés, F. Esteban-Betegón, M. D. Serrano, C. Zaldo

    Electronics Letters 44 (2008) 806-807
  3. Image-potential states in front of ultrathin iron films - a time - and spin-resolved two-photon photoemission study

    A. B. Schmidt

    Dissertation Freie Universität (2007)
  4. Ultrafast spin-dependent electron dynamics at the surface of ferromagnetic thin films

    A. B. Schmidt, M. Pickel, M. Donath, M. Weinelt

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 310 (2007) 2330-2332
  5. Realization of a spin-polarized two-dimensional electron gas via image-potential-induced surface states

    M. Donath, C. Math, M. Pickel, A. B. Schmidt, M. Weinelt

    Surface Science 601 (2007) 5701-5706
  6. Spin-polarized image-potential-state electrons as ultrafast magnetic sensors in front of ferromagnetic surfaces

    M. Weinelt, A. B. Schmidt, M. Pickel, M. Donath

    Progress in Surface Science 82 (2007) 388-406
  7. Ultrashort pulse Yb:LaSc3(BO3)4 mode-locked oscillator

    S. Rivier, A. Schmidt, C. Kränkel, R. Peters, K. Petermann, G. Huber, M. Zorn, M. Weyers, A. Klehr, G. Erbert, V. Petrov, U. Griebner

    Optics Express 15 (2007) 15539-15544
  8. A two-photon photoemission study of spin-dependent electron dynamics

    A. M. Pickel, A. B. Schmidt, M. Donath, M. Weinelt

    Surface Science 600 (2006) 4176-4179
  9. Spin-dependent electron dynamics in front of a ferromagnetic surface

    A. B. Schmidt, M. Pickel, M. Wiemhöfer, M. Donath, M. Weinelt

    Physical Review Letters 95 (2005) 107402/1-4