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  1. MeV negative ion generation from ultra-intense laser interaction with a water spray

    S. Ter-Avetisyan, B. Ramakrishna, M. Borghesi, D. Doria, M. Zepf, G. Sarri, L. Ehrentraut, A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, S. Steinke, W. Sandner, M. Schnuerer, V. Tikhonchuk

    Applied Physics Letters 99 (2011) 051501 /1-3
  2. New method for laser driven ion acceleration with isolated, mass-limited targets

    T. Paasch-Colberg, T. Sokollik, K. Gorling, U. Eichmann, S. Steinke, M. Schnürer, P. V. Nickles, A. A. Andreev, W. Sandner

    Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and associated Equipment 653 (2011) 30-34
  3. Electrons in relativistically intense laser field: generations of zeptosecond electromagnetic pulses and electron energy spectrum

    A. A. Andreev, A. L. Galkin, M. P. Kalashnikov, V. V. Korobkin, M. Yu. Romanovski, O. B. Shiryaev

    Quantum Electronics 41 (2011) 729/1-7
  4. Optimization of laser-generated ion beams

    S. Steinke, M. Schnürer, T. Sokollik, A. A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, A. Henig, R. Hörlein, D. Kiefer, D. Jung, J. Schreiber, T. Tajima, M. Hegelich, D. Habs, W. Sandner

    Contributions to Plasma Physics 51 (2011) 444-450
  5. Influence of ambient plasmas to the field dynamics of laser driven mass-limited targets

    M.. Schnürer, T. Sokollik, S. Steinke, P.V. Nickles, W. Sandner, T. Toncian, M. Amin, O. Willi, A.A. Andreev

    AIP Conference Proceedings 1209 (2010) 111-114
  6. Hybrid ion acceleration with ultrathin composite foils irradiated by high intensity circularly-polarized laser light

    A.A. Andreev, S. Steinke, M. Schnuerer, A. Henig, P. V. Nickles, K. Y. Platonov, T. Sokollik, W. Sandner

    Physics of Plasmas 17 (2010) 123111/1-11
  7. Laser-driven ion acceleration using isolated mass-limited spheres

    T. Sokollik, T. Paasch-Colberg, K. Gorling, U. Eichmann, M. Schnürer, S. Steinke, P. V. Nickles, A. Andreev, W. Sandner

    New Journal of Physics 12 (2010) 113013/1-12
  8. Hot electrons transverse refluxing in ultraintense laser-solid interactions

    S. Buffechoux, J. Psikal, M. Nakatsutsumi, L. Romagnani, A. Andreev, K. Zeil, M. Amin, P. Antici, T. Burris-Mog, A. Compant-La-Fontaine, E. d’Humie`res, S. Fourmaux, S. Gaillard, F. Gobet, F. Hannachi, S. Kraft, A. Mancic, C. Plaisir, G. Sarri, M. Tarisien, T. Toncian, U. Schramm, M. Tampo, P. Audebert, O. Willi, T. E. Cowan, H. Pe´pin, V. Tikhonchuk, M. Borghesi, J. Fuchs

    Physical Review Letters 105 (2010) 015005/1-5
  9. Laser excited nuclear γ -source of high spectral brightness

    A. A. Andreev, Yu. Rozhdestvenskii, K. Platonov, R. Salomaa

    World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 37 (2010) 107-113
  10. Quasi-Coulomb explosion of multicomponent laser cluster plasma

    A. A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, K. Yu. Platonov

    Physics of Plasmas 17 (2010) 023110/1-6