MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Albrecht Lau

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Efficiency of optical second harmonic generation from pentacene films of different morphology and structure

    T. Jentzsch, H.-J. Jüpner, K.-W. Brzezinka, A. Lau

    Thin Solid Films 315 (1998) 273-280
  2. Picosecond time-resolved CARS spectroscopy of a mixed excited singlet state of diphenylhexatriene

    S. Hogiu, W. Werncke, . Pfeiffer, A. Lau, T. Steinke

    Chemical Physics Letters 287 (1998) 8-16
  3. Anharmonicity effects in the resonance Raman spectra of heterocyclic aromatic molecules showing photoinduced intramolecular proton transfer

    M. Pfeiffer, A. Lau, K. Lenz, T. Elsaesser

    Chemical Physics Letters 268 (1997) 258-264
  4. A fractal approach to the exciton-photon coupling and structure of J-aggregates

    J. Moll, S. Daehne, A. Semjonow, A. Lau

    Phys. Rev. B 55 (1997) 5562-5565
  5. Heating of the front and rear facets of GaAlAs/GaAs edge emitting laser diodes

    U. Menzel, R. Puchert, A. Bärwolff, A. Lau

    SPIE Proceedings Series 2994 (1997) 591-599
  6. Time resolved study of ultrafast dephasing processes in solution

    A. Kummrow, A. Lau, K. Lenz

    Phys. Rev. A 55 (1997) 2310-2320
  7. Analysis of the vibrational spectra of heterocyclic aromatic molecules showing internal proton and deuterium transfer

    M. Pfeiffer, K. Lenz, A. Lau, T. Elsaesser, T. Steinke

    J. of Raman Spectrosc. 28 (1997) 61-72
  8. Increase and saturation of the third-order hyperpolarizabilities in a homologous series of symmetric cyanines

    W. Werncke, M. Pfeiffer, T. Johr, A. Lau, W. Grahn, H.-H. Johannes, L. Dähne

    Chem. Phys. 216 (1997) 337-347
  9. Third order hyperpolarizabilities of a homologous series of meso-nitrogen substituted thiacyanines

    W. Werncke, M. Pfeiffer, A. Lau, W. Grahn, H.-H. Johannes

    Chemical Physics Letters 266 (1997) 99-106
  10. Electronic and Raman-type nonlinearities of a homologous series of polyenic obligomers

    W. Werncke, M. Pfeiffer, T. Johr, H.-J. Jüpner, A. Lau

    Nonlin. Opt. 15 (1996) 97-100