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Watching the fate of molecular nitrogen with X-rays, when an electron has been kicked out

How far can a proton make its presence felt when embedded in water?

Professor Howard R. Reiss passed away at the age of 93

MBI conducts basic research in the field of nonlinear optics and ultrafast dynamics in the interaction of matter with laser light and pursues applications that emerge from this research. It develops and utilizes ultrashort and ultrafast lasers and laser-based short-pulse light sources in a wide spectral range in conjunction with nonlinear spectroscopy methods. The combined use of lasers with x-ray pulses from free electron lasers and synchrotrons complements this scientific program. With its research, MBI fulfills a nationwide mission and is an integral part of the international science community. It offers its facilities and its scientific know-how also to external researchers within the framework of an active guest programme. MBI is involved in various cooperative research projects with universities, other research institutions and industrial partners.
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Plasma-based particle accelerators for scientific and societal applications driven by intense lasers and beams
Max Born Hall | Events, MBI Colloquium
Prof. Jens Osterhoff
Plasmas sustain electric fields far in excess of GV/m. These fields can be utilized for the acceleration of charged particles to ultra-relativistic energies over distances several orders of magnitude shorter than in traditional acceleration schemes based on metallic…
October 2022