Wed, 26.04.2023  |  14:00
Room: Max Born Hall
MBI Colloquium

Ultrafast High-Performance Fiber Lasers for Scientific Applications

Prof. Jens Limpert | Friedrich Schiller University Jena

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Various applications ask for ultrafast lasers with higher repetition rates, higher peak powers, shorter pulses and alternative emission wavelengths than available today. In that context, I will review the basics, the achievements and perspectives of fiber-based amplification of ultrashort laser pulses at 1µm and 2µm wavelength, including new waveguide designs and advanced coherent beam combination techniques. Pulse post-compression allows to shorten the pulses down to few-cycle duration, most recent results employing gas-filled capillaries and multi-pass cells in the visible, the near-infrared as well as the short-wave infrared spectral region will be discussed. Finally, applying theses primary sources as frequency conversion driver to the EUV, the mid-IR and the THz region enables high flux secondary sources. A few highlights will be presented.