Tue, 04.06.2019  |  14:30 PM - 15:00 PM
Small Max-Born hall
Project seminar

Ultrafast imaging of laser-controlled non-adiabatic dynamics in NO$_2$ from time-resolved photoelectron emission

Maria Richter | Max-Born institute

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Time-resolving and controlling coupled electronic and nuclear dynamics at conical intersections on the sub-femtosecond to few-femtosecond time scale is among the challenging goals of attosecond physics. I will present numerical simulations of time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of such dynamics in NO$_2$ , where the coupled electron–nuclear motion at the ${}^2$A$_1/{}^2$B$_2$ conical intersection is steered on the sub-laser-cycle time scale by a nearly single-cycle, waveform controlled mid-infrared laser pulse. Our results show that for sufficient molecular alignment, the time- and energy-resolved anisotropy parameters of the photoelectron angular distributions provide a particularly clear picture of both the ultrafast natural molecular dynamics at the conical intersection and its modifications by the control pulse.