Tue, 18.06.2019  |  10:30 AM
Small Max Born Hall

True wavefunctions and antiparticles of Klein-Gordon equation: "hbar"-conjugation, elimination of CPT-invariance, and anti-gravitation

Prof. Alexander E. Kaplan | John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

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While revisiting Klein-Gordon relativistic quantum equation for spin-0 particles (bosons), we predict that the Planck constant h reverses its sign for negative energies. We formulated a universal symmetry rule, whereby all the parameters that couple particles to external fields reverse their sign along with h at a particle↔antiparticle transformation.


This in particular implies anti-gravitation between matter and antimatter. It also brings about unexpected cosmological consequences by suggesting for mation of "checkered universe" made by separated matter-antimatter cells-subuniverses. Our results suggest that the h-conjugation principle and related invariance may replace CPT-invariance in general relativistic quantum mechanics.