Wed, 02.10.2019  |  11:00
Seminar room A, 2.01

The in-gas laser ionisation and spectroscopy technique: A quest for the atomic and nuclear structure of heavy elements

Dr. Camilo Granados Buitrago | KU Leuven, Belgium

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The in-gas laser ionisation and spectroscopy is a versatile technique that exploits two different methods for studying the atomic and nuclear structure of nuclei far from stability: The first method, in-gas-cell laser ionisation, provides the sufficient selectivity and efficiency to produce exotic nuclei and investigate different ionisation schemas.


The second method, the in-gas-jet laser ionisation and spectroscopy yield, besides selectivity and efficiency, the necessary spectral resolution to resolve the atomic hyperfine structure. The novel technique, however, requires the development of new narrowband laser systems that can cope with the achieved spectral resolution. The mode locking titanium-sapphire and narrowband pulse-dye amplified laser systems deliver the necessary requirements to achieve this final goal. In this seminar we will discuss the two already mentioned methods and we will present the narrowband laser system developed to perform the spectroscopy studies. Examples and future studies on radioactive isotopes will also be given.