Fri, 14.01.2022  |  10:00
virtual, via Zoom link

Seeing Atomic and Electronic Motion in Space and Time

Prof. Dr. Peter Baum | University of Konstanz

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The fundamental reason behind almost any light-matter interaction are atomic and electronic motion in space and time. In order to provide a movie-like access to such dynamics, we unify electron microscopy with modern laser technology. In this way, we combine the awesome spatial resolution of modern electron beams with the spectacular time resolution that is offered by the cycle period of light. Selected results will be reported on the electric fields within metamaterials, the Einstein-de-Haas effect on atomic dimensions, the formation of free-electron qubits and more, if time allows. Many breakthroughs in science and technology have been achieved by disruptive imaging techniques, and our 4D electron microscopy may play this role for light-matter interaction on atomic dimensions.


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