Mi, 22.09.2021  |  14:00 Uhr
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MBI Colloquium

Modifying the electronic response with lasers: From double excitation in He and two-electron entanglement in H2 to multi-electron exchange interaction in SF6

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeifer | Max Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg

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The understanding and steering of electronic motion in matter is one of the declared key goals and current challenges in physics and physical chemistry.  In our experiments, we employ XUV (attosecond) transient absorption spectroscopy and reaction microscopes in combination with intense laser fields generated in our own labs or at FELs to shed light on the fundamental principles of few-to-many-body electronic dynamics and control.  Starting from ab-initio-tractable systems such as the two correlated electrons in helium or hydrogen, where we recently demonstrated attosecond-time-scale phase control of entangled states, we work our way up to multi-electron complexity in polyatomic molecules.  For the latter, a recent example includes the laser control of the exchange interaction between core and valence electrons in sulfur hexafluoride molecules (SF6).


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