Mi, 09.12.2020  |  10:30 Uhr
Virtual, via Zoom link

Bend-free photonic integrated circuits with the crosstalk as a resource

Dr. Jovana Petrovic | TU Berlin; Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

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Multiplexing of waveguides on chips has been an important requirement for development of classical and quantum photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and, simultaneously, a foremost challenge before their competitive miniaturisation. The crosstalk between densely packed waveguides and the radiation loses at waveguide bends set bounds to the packing density and coherence properties.

I will present a new concept for building bend-free PICs with the crosstalk used as a resource. The PIC design is based on the continuous quantum walk through waveguide arrays (WGAs) and leverages on the tailored coupling between waveguides. I will discuss a class of the analytically accessible WGA design solutions with commensurable eigenspectra that randomly sample the Wannier-Stark eigenfrequency ladder. The freedom of choice of eigenfrequencies provides not only a clear distinction from the up-to-date reported solutions dominated by the equidistant eigenfrequency systems, but also a large variety of circuit layouts.

The basic building blocks of the new PICs and their quantum properties will be illustrated by designs of the interconnects for the perfect transfer of qudits and the multi-port splitters and combiners. The entanglement generation and preservation capabilities will be shown in the form of W-state generation, periodic photon (anti)bunching and coherence revivals. Finally, the estimate of desirable fabrication tolerances will be used to discuss their current experimental accessibility.

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