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Dr. Wolfgang Werncke

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MBI Publikationen

  1. Resonance CARS spectroscopy of biomolecules and of molecules sensitive to light

    W. Werncke, M. Pfeiffer, A. Lau, K.M. Bok

    Proc. in Physics 63 (1992) 54-67
  2. Correlation of electronic properties and Raman spectra within a series of polymethine dyes

    M. Pfeiffer, A. Lau, W. Werncke, W. Freyer

    in: "Electronic Properties of Polymers, proc. of the IWEPP 107 (1992) 150-156
  3. New time-resolved CARS arrangements

    A. Lau, M. Pfeiffer, W. Werncke

    Nuovo Cim. 14D (1992) 1023-1032
  4. Comparison of different coherent Raman techniques

    A. Lau, M. Pfeiffer, W. Werncke

    J. of Mol. Liquids 53 (1992) 137-146