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Dr. Wolfgang Werncke

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MBI Publikationen

  1. Tuning intramolecular anharmonic vibrational coupling in 4-nitroaniline by solvent-solute interaction

    J. Dreyer, V. Kozich, W. Werncke

    Journal of Chemical Physics 127 (2007) 234505/1-7
  2. Mode-selective O-H stretching relaxation in a hydrogen bond studied by ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy

    V. Kozich, J. Dreyer, S. Ashihara, W. Werncke, T. Elsaesser

    The Journal of Chemical Physics 125 (2006) 074504/1-9
  3. Efficient multi-frequency generation of ultrashort light pulses using stimulated Raman scattering and optical parametric amplification

    A.I. Vodchits, V.P. Kozich, W. Werncke, V.A. Orlovich

    Optics Communications 260 (2006) 307-310
  4. Ultrafast excitation of out-of-plane vibrations and vibrational energy redistribution after internal conversion of 4-nitroaniline

    W. Werncke, V. Kozich, A.I. Vodchits, J. Dreyer

    Time Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy XI (2006) 281-286
  5. Stimulated Raman amplification of ultrashort seed pulses in compressed methane

    A. I. Vodchits, A. G. Shvedko, V. A. Orlovich, V. P. Kozich, W. Werncke

    Journal of Optical Society American B 22 (2005) 453-458
  6. Influence of vibrational cooling on the time-dependence of stokes and anti-stokes resonance raman scattering

    V. Kozich, W. Werncke

    Journal of Molecular Structure 735-736 (2005) 145-151
  7. Time-resolved resonance Raman scattering of the excited singlet state of 2-(2´-hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole after excited state intramolecular proton transfer

    V. Kozich, J. Dreyer, A. Vodchits, W. Werncke

    Chemical Physics Letters 415 (2005) 121-125
  8. Vibrational excitation and energy redistribution after ultrafast intramolecular proton transfer of TINUVIN

    W. Werncke, V. Kozich, J. Dreyer

    Ultrafast Phenomena XIV Springer Verlag (2005) 485-487
  9. Vibrational excitation after ultrafast Intramolecular proton transfer of TINUVIN: a time-resolved resonance Raman study

    V. Kozich, J. Dreyer, W. Werncke

    Chemical Physics Letters 399 (2004) 484-489
  10. Vibrational excitation and energy redistribution due to back-electron transfer in para-nitroaniline

    W. Werncke, V. Kozich, J. Dreyer, M. Rini, A. Kummrow, T. Elsaesser

    Recent advances in ultrafast spectroscopy; Proceedings of the 'XII UPS Conference' Leo S. Olschki (2003) 397-403