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  1. The beat in laser-accelerated ion beams

    M. Schnürer, A. A. Andreev, F. Abicht, J. Bränzel, Ch. Koschitzki, K. Yu. Platonov, G. Priebe, W. Sandner

    Physics of Plasmas 20 (2013) 103102 /1-5
  2. Frustrated tunnel ionization of noble gas dimers with Rydberg-electron shakeoff by electron charge oscillation

    von Veltheim, A., B. Manschwetus, W. Quan, B. Borders, G. Steinmeyer, H. Rottke, W. Sandner

    Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 023001/1-5
  3. Stable laser-ion acceleration in the light sail regime

    S. Steinke, P. Hilz, M. Schnürer, G. Priebe, J. Bränzel, F. Abicht, D. Kiefer, C. Kreuzer, T. Ostermayr, J. Schreiber, A. A. Andreev, T. P. Yu, A. Pukhov, W. Sandner

    Phys. Rev. Special Topics in AB 16 (2013) 011303/1-5
  4. Real-time observation of interference between atomic one-electron and two-electron excitations

    H. Geiseler, H. Rottke, N. Zhavoronkov, W. Sandner

    Physical Review Letters 108 (2012) 123601/1-5
  5. Temporal contrast of high intensity laser systems above 1011 with double CPA technique

    M. P. Kalashnikov, K. Osvay, G. Priebe, L. Ehrentraut, S. Steinke, W. Sandner

    AIP Conference Proceedings 1462 (2012) 108-111
  6. High temporal contrast front end with CaF2-based XPW temporal filter for high intensity lasers

    M. P. Kalashnikov, H. Schönnagel, W. Sandner

    AIP Conference Proceedings 1465 (2012) 13-17
  7. Erratum: “MeV negative ion generation from ultra-intense laser interaction with a water spray (vol 99, 051501, 2011)

    S. Ter-Avetisyan, B. Ramakrishna, M. Borghesi, D. Doria, M. Zepf, G. Sarri, L. Ehrentraut, A. A. Andreev, P.-V. Nickles, S. Steinke, W. Sandner, M. Schnürer, V. Tikhonchuk

    Applied Physics Letters 100/1-1 (2012)
  8. Compact x-ray microscope for the water window based on a high brightness laser plasma source

    H. Legall, G. Blobel, H. Stiel, W. Sandner, C. Seim, P. Takman, D. H. Martz, M. Selin, U. Vogt, H. M. Hertz, D. Esser, H. Sipma, J. Luttmann, M. Höfer, H. D. Hoffmann, S. Yulin, T. Feigl, S. Rehbein, P. Guttmann, G. Schneider, U. Wiesemann, M. Wirtz, W. Diete

    Optics Express 20 (2012) 18362-18369
  9. Dynamics of nanometer-scale foil targets irradiated with relativistically intense laser pulses

    R. Hörlein, S. Steinke, A. Henig, G. Rykovanov, M. Schnürer, T. Sokollik, D. Kiefer, D. Jung, X. Q. Yan, T. Tajima, J. Schreiber, B. M. Hegelich, P. V. Nickles, M. Zepf, G. D. Tsakiris, W. Sandner, D. Habs

    Laser and Particle Beams 29 (2011) 383-388
  10. Optimization of laser-generated ion beams

    S. Steinke, M. Schnürer, T. Sokollik, A. A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, A. Henig, R. Hörlein, D. Kiefer, D. Jung, J. Schreiber, T. Tajima, M. Hegelich, D. Habs, W. Sandner

    Contributions to Plasma Physics 51 (2011) 444-450