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MBI Publikationen

  1. Plasmon-enhanced second- and third-order harmonic generation in spherical free-electron nanoclusters with diffuse surface

    S. V. Fomichev, W. Becker

    Contributions to Plasma Physics 53 (2013) 662–696
  2. Resonance-like enhancement in high-order above-threshold ionization of molecules

    W. Quan, X. Y. Lai, Y. J. Chen, C. L. Wang, Z. L. Hu, X. J. Liu, X. L. Hao, J. Chen, E. Hasovic, M. Busuladzic, W. Becker, D. B. Milosevic

    Physical Review A 88 (2013) 021401/1-5
  3. Scaling of the low-energy structure in above-threshold ionization in the tunneling regime: theory and experiment

    L. Guo, S. S. Han, X. Liu, Y. Cheng, Z. Z. Xu, J. Fan, J. Chen, S. G. Chen, W. Becker, C. I. Blaga, A. D. DiChiara, E. Sistrunk, P. Agostini, L. F. DiMauro

    Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 013001/1-5
  4. Elliptical polarization favors long quantum orbits in high-order above-threshold ionization of noble gases

    X. Y. Lai, C. L. Wang, Y. J. Chen, Z. L. Hu, W. Quan, X. J. Liu, J. Chen, Y. Cheng, Z. Z. Xu, W. Becker

    Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 043002/1-5
  5. Application of the dressed-bound-state molecular strong-field approximation to above-threshold ionization of heteronuclear molecules: NO vs. CO.

    M. Busuladzic, E. Hasovic, W. Becker, D. B. Milosevic

    Journal of Chemical Physics 137 (2012) 134307/1-10
  6. Theories of photoelectron correlation in laser-driven multiple atomic ionization

    W. Becker, X. Liu, P. J. Ho, J. H. Eberly

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  7. Plateau structures in laser-assisted and laser-induced processes

    A. Cerkic, M. Busuladzic, E. Hasovic, A. Gazibegovic-Busuladzic, W. Becker, D. B. Milosevic

    Physica Scripta T149 (2012) 014043 /1-5
  8. High-order above-threshold ionization with few-cycle laser pulses: molecular improved strong-field approximation vs. molecular low-frequency approximation

    E. Hasovic, A. Gazibegovic-Busuladzic, M. Busuladzic, D. B. Milosevic, W. Becker

    Laser Physics 22 (2012) 1819-1826
  9. High-order above-threshold ionization of heteronuclear diatomic molecules by a strong laser field with arbitrary polarization

    E. Hasovic, D. B. Milosevic, M. Busuladzic, A. Gazibegovic-Busuladzic, W. Becker

    Laser Physics 22 (2012) 1827-1832
  10. Interference structure of above-threshold ionization vs. above-threshold detachment

    Ph. A. Korneev, S. V. Popruzhenko, S. P. Goreslavski, W. Becker, G. G. Paulus, B. Fetic, D. B. Milosevic

    New Journal of Physics 14 (2012) 055019/1-17