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  1. Direct generation of an optical vortex beam from a diode-pumped Yb:MgWO4 laser

    J. Lu, H. Lin, G. Zhang, B. Li, L. Zhang, Z. Lin, Y.-F. Chen, V. Petrov, W. Chen

    Laser Physics Letters 14 (2017) 085807/1-6
  2. Sub-100  fs Tm:MgWO4 laser at 2017 nm mode locked by a graphene saturable absorber

    Y. Wang, W. Chen, M. Mero, L. Zhang, H. Lin, Z. Lin, G. Zhang, F. Rotermund, Y. J. Cho, P. Loiko, X. Mateos, U. Griebner, V. Petrov

    Optics Letters 42 (2017) 3076-3079
  3. SESAM mode-locked Yb:GdYCOB femtosecond laser

    H. Lin, G. Zhang, L. Zhang, Z. Lin, F. Pirzio, A. Agnesi, V. Petrov, W. Chen

    Optical Materials Express 7 (2017) 3791-3795
  4. Characterization of growth, optical properties, and laser performance of monoclinic Yb:MgWO4 crystal

    L. Zhang, W. Chen, J. Lu, H. Lin, L. Li, G. Wang, G. Zhang, Z. Lin

    Optical Materials Express 6 (2016) 1627-1634
  5. Optical, thermal, electrical, damage, and phase-matching properties of lithium selenoindate

    V. Petrov, J.-J. Zondy, O. Bidault, L. Isaenko, V. Vedenyapin, A. Yelisseyev, W. Chen, A. Tyazhev, S. Lobanov, G. Marchev, D. Kolker

    Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 27 (2010) 1902-1927
  6. Direct writing of waveguide devices in fused silica glass using high repetition rate fiber laser

    S. M. Eaton, J. Bonse, H. Zhang, M. L. Ng, S. Ho, W. Chen, J. Li, A. Rosenfeld, P. R Herman

    Applied Optics 47 (2008) 2098-2102
  7. Optical, vibrational, thermal, electrical, damage and phase-matching properties of lithium thioindate

    S. Fossier, S. Salaün, J. Mangin, O. Bidault, I. Thenot, J.-J. Zondy, W. Chen, F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, P. Petrov, J. Henningsen, A. Yelisseyev, L. Isaenko, S. Lobanov, O. Balachninaite, G. Slekys, V. Sirutkaitis

    Journal of Optical Society America B 21 (2004) 1981-2007