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  1. Optical parametric oscillator pumped at ~1 μm with intracavity mid-IR difference-frequency generation in OPGaAs

    A. A. Boyko, P. G. Schunemann, S. Guha, N. Y. Kostyukova, D. B. Kolker, V. L. Panyutin, G. M. Marchev, V. Pasiskevicius, A. Zukauskas, F. Mayorov, V. Petrov

    Optical Materials Express 8 (2018) 549-554
  2. Intracavity difference-frequency mixing of optical parametric oscillator signal and idler pulses in BaGa4Se7

    A. A. Boyko, N. Y. Kostyukova , V. Badikov , D. Badikov, V. Panyutin, G. Shevyrdyaeva, V. Pasiskevicius , A. Zukauskas, G. M. Marchev, D. B. Kolker , V. Petrov

    Applied Optics 56 (2017) 2783-2786
  3. Frequency down-conversion of 1 µm laser radiation to the mid-IR using non-oxide nonlinear crystals in a cascaded intracavity configuration

    V. Petrov, A. A. Boyko, N. Y. Kostyukova, G. M. Marchev, V. Pasiskevicius, D. B. Kolker, V. Badikov, D. Badikov, G. Shevyrdyaeva, A. Zukauskas, V. Panyutin

    SPIE Proceedings Series 10088 (2017) 1008810/1-11
  4. Widely tunable in the mid-IR BaGa4Se7 optical parametric oscillator pumped at 1064 nm

    N. Y. Kostyukova, A. A. Boyko, V. Badikov, D. Badikov, G. Shevyrdyaeva, V. Panyutin, G. M. Marchev, D. B. Kolker, V. Petrov

    Optics Letters 41 (2016) 3667-3670
  5. Phase-matching directions and refined Sellmeier equations of the monoclinic acentric crystal BaGa4Se7

    E. Boursier, P. Segonds, B. Ménaert, V. Badikov, V. Panyutin, D. Badikov, V. Petrov, B. Boulanger

    Optics Letters 41 (2016) 2731-2734
  6. Angle noncritical phase-matched second-harmonic generation in the monoclinic crystal BaGa4Se7

    E. Boursier, P. Segonds, J. Debray, P. L. Inácio, V. Panyutin, V. Badikov, D. Badikov, V. Petrov, B. Boulanger

    Optics Letters 40 (2015) 4591-4594
  7. Laser damage of the nonlinear crystals CdSiP2 and ZnGeP2 studied with nanosecond pulses at 1064 and 2090 nm

    A. Hildenbrand, C. Kieleck, A. Tyazhev, G. Marchev, G. Stöppler, M. Eichhorn, P. G. Schunemann, V. L. Panyutin, V. Petrov

    Optical Engineering 53 (2014) 122511/1-6
  8. Mid-infrared rotated image singly resonant twisted rectangle optical parametric oscillator based on HgGa2S4 pumped at 1064 nm

    G. Marchev, M. Reza, V. Badikov, A. Esteban-Martin, G. Stöppler, M. Starikova, D. Badikov, V. Panyutin, M. Eichhorn, G. Shevyrdyaeva, A.Tyazhev, S. Sheina, A. Agnesi, A. Fintisova, V. Petrov

    Applied Optics 53 (2014) 7951-7962
  9. Narrow bandwidth, picosecond, 1064 nm pumped optical parametric generator for the mid-IR based on HgGa2S4

    R. Piccoli, F. Pirzio, A. Agnesi, V. Badikov, D. Badikov, G. Marchev, V. Panyutin, V. Petrov

    Optics Letters 39 (2014) 4895-4898
  10. Phase equilibrium studies in the PbGa6-Ga2Te3 and PbTe-In2Te3 systems for growing new nonlinear optical crystals of PBGa6Te10 and PbIn6Te10 with transparency extending into the far-IR

    S. A. Avanesov, D. V. Badikov, V. V. Badikov, V. L. Panyutin, V. Petrov, G. S. Shevyrdyaeva, A. A. Martynov, K. V. Mitin

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 612 (2014) 386-391