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  1. 2.7  μm optical vortex beam directly generated from an Er:Y2O3 ceramic laser

    M. Ding, Y. Chen, J. Wang, D. Yin, Y. Wang, P. Liu, Y. Zhao, D. Tang, D. Shen, Y. Liu, Z. Wang, X. Xu, V. Petrov

    Optics Letters 44 (2019) 4973-4976
  2. Laser operation of Nd3+-doped silicates (Gd,Y)2SiO5, (Lu,Y)2SiO5 and Lu2SiO5 at ~1.36 μm

    X. Zhang, P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, X. Mateos, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Xu, Z. Wang, J. Xu, X. Xu, A. Major

    SPIE Proceedings 10896 (2019) 108961T/1-8
  3. Graphene mode-locked Tm,Ho-codoped crystalline garnet laser producing 70-fs pulses near 2.1 µm

    Y. Zhao, W. Chen, L. Wang, Y. Wang, Z. Pan, X. Dai, H. Yuan, H. Cai, Y. Zhang, J. E. Bae, T. G. Park, F. Rotermund, P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, X. Mateos, D. Shen, U. Griebner, V. Petrov

    OSA Continuum 2 (2019) 2593-2600
  4. Laser-induced damage of nonlinear crystals in ultrafast, high-repetition-rate, mid-infrared optical parametric amplifiers pumped at 1 µm

    M. Mero, L. Wang, W. Chen, N. Ye, G. Zhang, V. Petrov, Z. Heiner

    SPIE Proceedings 11063 (2019) 1106307/1-8
  5. Growth, spectroscopy and first laser operation of monoclinic Ho3+:MgWO4 crystal

    L. Zhang, P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, E. Kifle, H. Lin, G. Zhang, E. Vilejshikova, E. Dunina, A. Kornienko, L. Fomichev, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, Z. Lin, W. Chen, K. Subbotin, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, X. Mateos

    Journal of Luminescence 213 (2019) 316-325
  6. Crystal growth and characterization of a new quaternary chalcogenide nonlinear crystal for the mid-IR: PbGa2GeSе6

    V. V. Badikov, D. V. Badikov, L. Wang, G. S. Shevyrdyaeva, V. L. Panyutin, A. F. Fintisova, S. G. Sheina, V. Petrov

    Crystal Growth & Design 19 (2019) 4224-4228
  7. Continuous-wave mid-infrared laser operation of Tm3+:KY3F10 at 2.3  μm

    A. Muti, M. Tonelli, V. Petrov, A. Sennaroglu

    Optics letters 44 (2019) 3242-3245
  8. Broadband vibrational sum-frequency generation spectrometer at 100 kHz in the 950-1750 cm−1 spectral range utilizing a LiGaS2 optical parametric amplifier

    Z. Heiner, L. Wang, V. Petrov, M. Mero

    Optics Express 27 (2019) 15289-15297
  9. Fs-laser-written thulium waveguide lasers Q-switched by graphene and MoS2

    E. Kifle, P. Loiko, Vázquez de Aldana, J. R. , C. Romero, A. Ródenas, V. Zakharov, A. Veniaminov, H. Yu, H. Zhang, Y. Chen, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Mateos

    Optics Express 27 (2019) 8745-8755
  10. “Mixed” Tm:Ca(Gd,Lu)AlO4 — a novel crystal for tunable and mode-locked 2 µm lasers

    Z. Pan, P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, E. Kifle, H. Yuan, X. Dai, H. Cai, Y. Wang, Y. Zhao, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Mateos

    Optics Express 27 (2019) 9987-9995