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Dr. Tim Laarmann

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  1. Photoionization of helium atoms irradiated with intense VUV free-electron laser light, Part II: Theoretical modelling of multi-photon and single-photon processes

    de Castro, A. R. B., T. Laarmann, J. Schulz, H. Wabnitz, T. Möller

    Physical Review A 72 (2005) 023410/1-9
  2. Non-linear phenomena in atoms and clusters induced by intense VUV radiation from a free electron laser

    de Castro, A. R. B., C. Bostedt, P. Gürtler, T. Laarmann, W. Laasch, J. Schulz, A. Swiderski, H. Wabnitz, T. Möller

    J. Electron Spectrosc. Rel. Phenom. 144-147 (2005) 3-6
  3. Fragmentation dynamics of fullerenes in intense fs-laser fields: Loss of small neutral fragments on a picosecond time scale

    M. Boyle, T. Laarmann, I. Shchatsinin, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Chemical Physics 122 (2005) 181103/1-4
  4. Interaction of Argon clusters with intense VUV-laser radiation: The role of electronic structure in the energy-deposition process

    T. Laarmann, A.R. B. de Castro, P. Gürtler, W. Laasch, J. Schulz, H. Wabnitz, T. Möller

    Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 143401/1-4