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Prof. Dr. Sangeeta Sharma

+49 30 6392 1350

B4: Theorie der Dynamik in Quantenmaterialien / B4: Theory for Dynamics in Quantum Materials
Haus B, 3.17

MBI Publikationen

  1. Unraveling femtosecond spin and charge dynamics with extreme ultraviolet transverse MOKE spectroscopy

    H. Probst, C. Möller, M. Schumacher, T. Brede, J. K. Dewhurst, M. Reutzel, D. Steil, S. Sharma, G. S. Matthijs Jansen, S. Mathias

    Phys. Rev. Res. 6 (2024) 013107/1-7
  2. Partially deorbitalized meta-GGA

    P. Bonfà, S. Sharma, J. K. Dewhurst

    Computational Materials Today online (2024) 1-24
  3. Ultrafast behavior of induced and intrinsic magnetic moments in CoFeB/Pt bilayers probed by element-specific spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet spectral range

    C. von Korff Schmising, S. Jana, K. Yao, M. Hennecke, P. Scheid, S. Sharma, M. Viret, J.-Y. Chauleau, D. Schick, S. Eisebitt

    Phys. Rev. Res. (2023) 013147/1-8
  4. Ultrafast laser-induced magneto-optical changes in resonant magnetic x-ray reflectivity

    I. Kumberg, E. Golias, S. E. Hadjadj, R. Hosseinifar, S. Thakur, T. Shinwari, I. Gelen, N. Pontius, C. Schüßler-Langeheine, C. von Korff Schmising, S. Sharma, W. Kuch

    Physical Review B 108 (2023) 054439 /1-10
  5. THz induced giant spin and valley currents

    S. Sharma, P. Elliott, S. Shallcross

    Science Advances 9 (2023) eadf3673/1-18
  6. Ultrafast and terahertz spintronics: Guest editorial

    T. Kampfrath, A. Kiriluk, S. Mangin, S. Sharma, M. Weinelt

    Applied Physics Letters 123 (2023) 050401/1-6
  7. Applicability and breakdown of transient magnetic linear dichroism

    E. I. Harris-Lee, J. K. Dewhurst, P. Elliott, S. Shallcross, S. Sharma

    Physical Review B 108 (2023) L100303/1-6
  8. Giant and controllable valley currents in graphene by double pumped THz light

    S. Sharma, D. Gill, S. Shallcross

    Nano Letters 22 (2023) 10305-10310
  9. Light-shaping of valley states

    S. Sharma, J. K. Dewhurst, S. Shallcross

    Nano Letters 23 (2023) 11533-11539
  10. Computational analysis of transient XMCD sum rules for laser pumped systems: When do they fail?

    S. Sharma, S. Shallcross, P. Elliott, S. Eisebitt, C. von Korff Schmising, J. K. Dewhurst

    Applied Physics Letters 120 (2022) 062409/1-8