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Dr. Robert Jung

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  1. Transient collisionally excited x-ray lasers pumped with one long and two short pulses

    D. Ursescu, G. Cojocaru, R. Ungureanu, R Banici, L. Ionel, S. Simion, R. Dabu, J. Tuemmler, R. Jung, H. Stiel, O. Delmas, M. Pittman, O. Guilbaud, S. Kazamias, K. Cassou, J. Demailly, O. Neveu, E. Baynard, D. Ros, A. Le Marec, S. Daboussi, L. Lu, A. Klisnick, P. Zeitoun

    X-Ray Lasers 2014, Springer Proceedings in Physics of the 14th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers 169 (2015) 53-59
  2. 3D nanoscale imaging of biological samples with laboratory-based soft X-ray sources

    A. Dehlinger, A. Blechschmidt, D. Grötzsch, R. Jung, B. Kanngießer, C. Seim, H. Stiel

    SPIE Proceedings Series, X-Ray Lasers and Coherent X-Ray Sources: Development and Applications XI 95890L (2015) 95890M-95899
  3. Note: Study of extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray emission of metal targets produced by laser-plasma-interaction

    I. Mantouvalou, R. Jung, J. Tuemmler, H. Legall, T. Bidu, H. Stiel, W. Malzer, B. Kanngießer, W. Sandner

    Review of Scientific Instruments 82 (2011) 066103/1-3
  4. X-ray laser takes the 100 Hz barrier

    H. Stiel, J. Tuemmler, R. Jung, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner

    SPIE Proceedings Series 7451 (2009) 745109-1
  5. High-repetition-rate chirped-pulse-amplification thin-disk laser system with joule-level pulse energy

    J. Tuemmler, R. Jung, H. Stiel, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner

    Optics Letters 34 (2009) 1378-1380
  6. Untersuchungen zur Speicherung von neutralen Atomen in ekeltrischen Feldern

    R. Jung

    Dissertation Technische Universität (2006)
  7. Magneto-optical trapping of Stark-slowed metastable He atoms

    R. Jung, S. Gerlach, R. Schumann, G. von Oppen, U. Eichmann

    European Physical Journal D 23 (2003) 415-419
  8. Photoexcitation and ionization of cold metastable helium atoms

    R. Jung, S. Gerlach, G. von Oppen, U. Eichmann

    Interactions in ultracold gases: from atoms to molecules Wiley (2002) 394-398
  9. Laser cooling of metastable He atoms in an inhomogeneous electric field

    R. Schumann, C. Schubert, U. Eichmann, R. Jung, G. von Oppen

    Physical Review A 59 (1999) 2120-2125
  10. Kühlen und Einfangen metastabiler He-Atome mit Hilfe von Diodenlasern

    R. Jung

    Fachbereich Physik Diplomarbeit Technische Universität (1999)