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  • Department Head B3 (acting) "Laser Development"
  • Project Coordinator 4.2 "Application Laboratories and Technology Transfer"


During the last 15 years my research was concentrated on high field physics and laser driven matter acceleration. Focus was put on laser driven ion beam generation, source characterization, energy transformation processes in context with acceleration mechanisms. As a specific method proton imaging was developed further to study relativistic plasma dynamics. Furthermore project work was realized in laser driven electron acceleration, in operation and parameter improvement of high intensity laser systems.

In my physics diploma and PhD-work I studied deep temperature effects of electronic carrier mobility in metal oxide-oxide semiconductor structures. I got the chance to change to laser-plasma physics and started with ns-laser driven plasmas and its dynamics. These research activities comprised especially incoherent soft X-ray emission characteristics, related plasma diagnostic and colliding plasma interaction. With the advent of chirped-pulse amplification lasers my activities moved to interaction experiments with ps-, fs- and few cycle laser pulses. Special attention was paid to incoherent hard X-ray emission from laser plasmas in connection with energy transport, coherent XUV-emission from high density (X-ray laser) and gaseous density (high harmonic emission) plasmas, as well as to incoherent EUV-emission in connection with the dynamics of fs- laser exploded clusters and fusion neutron diagnostics in spray and spherical micro-droplet experiments. During the last years effects of collective electron dynamics in relativistic laser fields allowed to study several new findings in ion, electron and high harmonic emission.

In the face of completing relativistic plasma and ultra-high intensity laser physics projects at MBI I am looking forward to new tasks.

Curriculum vitae

since 2007: Department head (acting), MBI, Berlin

2001: Habilitation, Technical University (TU) Wien

since 2000: Scientific researcher, MBI, Berlin

1997-2000: Scientific employee associate at the Photonics Institute, TU Wien

1991-1997: Scientific employee associate, Max-Born-Institute (MBI), Berlin

1984-1991:} Scientific employee associate,Central Institute of Optics and Spectroscopy (ZOS), Berlin

1984: PhD in Physics, HU Berlin

1982: Diploma in Physics, Humboldt-University (HU) Berlin

MBI Publikationen

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