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Dr. Mariia Ekimova

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  1. Combined experimental and theoretical study of the transient IR spectroscopy of 7-hydroxyquinoline in the first electronically excited singlet state

    F. Hoffmann, M. Ekimova, G. Bekçioğlu-Neff, E. T. J. Nibbering, D. Sebastiani

    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (2016) 9378–9389
  2. A liquid flatjet system for solution phase soft-X-ray spectroscopy

    M. Ekimova, W. Quevedo, M. Faubel, P. Wernet, E. T. J. Nibbering

    Structural Dynamics 2 (2015) 054301/1-13
  3. Competition between excited state proton and OH– transport via a short water wire: solvent effects open the gate

    G. Bekçioğlu, C. Allolio, M. Ekimova, E. T. J. Nibbering, D. Sebastiani

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (2014) 13047-3099