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Attosecond Dynamics in Molecules

We're interested in studying dynamics of the electronic degrees of freedom in molecules that occur on or close to the attosecond timescale. We use isolated attosecond pulses from high harmonic generation (HHG) to study these dynamics in gas phase in pump-probe experimental setups and different observables, ranging from photoion- and photoelectron spectroscopy to transient absorption spectroscopy.

XUV Core-Level Spectroscopy

The high photon energy of attosecond pulses from HHG allows to investigate dynamics from a core-level perspective. The element specificy and localization of core-to-valence transitions gives a local point-of-view into valence dynamics.

XUV Refractive Optics

Interaction of XUV light with macroscopic inhomogeneous gas jets allows to study the refractive index of gasous media. We have developed an XUV gas phase lense and prism, which we use to study the time-dependent manipulation of the refractive index by IR pulses.

Symmetry Dependent Electronic Dynamics

The application of two-color fields in combination with inversion symmetry broken systems allows new insights into dynamics pertaining chiral and polar molecules


MBI Publikationen

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