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Breaking News: I received an ERC Consolidator Grant. See the press release (deutsch/english).

Project Leader, Division A, Department A2

Project Coordinator for 2.2  Strong-field Few-body Physics

Member of Projec


Master and PhD projects available, please contact me by email.



Present Co-workers and Collaborators at MBI:
  Dynamics of polyatomic molecules in strong laser fields:
             Federico Branchi, PhD student
             Felix Schell, Dr. designatus
             Horst Rottke, retired staff scientist
  XUV transient absorption spectroscopy:
             Lorenz Drescher, Postdoc
  Time-resolved chemical reaction dynamics:
             Lucia Merkel, Master student
Formed (now graduated) students at MBI:
   PhD Students: Lorenz Drescher, Katrin Reininger, Martin Galbraith                          
   Master Students: Lucia Merkel, Friedrich Freyse, Lorenz Drescher  
   Summer Interns: Killian Dickson, Josh Kirks

Present Theory Collaborators at MBI:
   Sergei Patchkovskii, Timm Bredtmann, Hans-Herrmann Ritze

Funding Sources: DFG, LaserLab Europe, DAAD, Humboldt Foundation


Research Interests:

Attosecond Strong Field Spectroscopies of Polyatomic Molecules:

  • Laser-Induced Electron Rescattering
  • Coulomb Explosion
  • Ionization-Channel resolved Experiments in a Reaction Microscope

Molecular Dynamics and Photochemistry:

  • Transient XUV Absorption Spectroscopy of Photochemical Dynamics
  • Time-Resolved Photoelectron and Ion Spectroscopy

Attosecond Science:

  • Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Sub-cycle analysis of Laser-Driven Electron Rescattering

Chemical Reaction Dynamics:

  • Crossed Beam Reactive Scattering
  • Reaction Dynamics in cryogenic RF Ion Traps

Curriculum vitae


MBI Publikationen

  1. Communication: XUV transient absorption spectroscopy of iodomethane and iodobenzene photodissociation

    L. Drescher, M. C. E. Galbraith, G. Reitsma, J. Dura-Diez, N. Zhavoronkov, S. Patchkovskii, M. J. J. Vrakking, J. Mikosch

    Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (2016) 011101/1-5
  2. Multi-channel electronic and vibrational dynamics in polyatomic resonant high-order harmonic generation

    A. Ferré, A. E. Boguslavskiy , M. Dagan , V. Blanchet , B. D. Bruner , F. Burgy , A. Camper , D. Descamps, B. Fabre, N. Fedorov, J. Gaudin, G. Georo, J. Mikosch, S. Patchkovskii, S. Petit, T. Ruchon, H. Soifer, D. Staedter, I. Wilkinson, A. Stolow, N. Dudovich, Y. Mairesse

    Nature Communications 6 (2015) 5952-5962
  3. Nucleophilic substitution dynamics: Comparing wave packet calculations with experiment

    M. Kowalewski, J. Mikosch, R. Wester, de Vivie-Riedle, R.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (2014) 4661-4669
  4. Identification of atomic-level mechanisms for gas-phase X- + CH3Y S(N)2 reactions by combined experiments and simulations

    J. Xie, R. Otto, J. Mikosch, R. Wester, I. Zhang, W. L. Hase

    Accounts of Chemical Research 47 (2014) 2960-2969
  5. Excited state dynamics in SO2. I. Bound state relaxation studied by time-resolved photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectroscopy

    I. Wilkinson , A. E. Boguslavski, J. Mikosch, J. B. Bertrand, H. J. Wörner, D. M. Villeneuve, M. Spanner, S. Patchkovskii, A. Stolow

    Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (2014) 204301/1-27
  6. The multielectron ionization dynamics underlying attosecond strong-field spectroscopies

    A. E. Boguslavskiy, J. Mikosch, A. Gijsbertsen, M. Spanner, S. Patchkovskii, N. Gador, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Stolow

    Science 335 (2012) 1336-1340