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  1. The effect of chirp on pulse compression at a group velocity horizon

    I. Babushkin, S. Amiranashvili, C. Brée, U. Morgner, G. Steinmeyer, A. Demircan

    IEEE Photonics Journal 8 (2016) 7803113/1-13
  2. Controlling formation and suppression of fiber-optical rogue waves

    C. Brée, G. Steinmeyer, I. Babushkin, U. Morgner, A. Demircan

    Optics Letters 41 (2016) 3515-3518
  3. Control of THz radiation from gaseous plasmas produced by intense optical fields

    I. Babushkin, A. Husakou

    Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems 18 (2015) 157-163
  4. 3D numerical simulations of THz generation by two-color laser filaments

    L. Bergé, S. Skupin, C. Köhler, I. Babushkin, J. Herrmann

    Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 073901/1-5
  5. Quasi-phase-matching for third harmonic generation in noble gases employing ultrasound

    U. K. Sapaev, I. Babushkin, J. Herrmann

    Optics Express 20 (2012) 22753-22762
  6. Directionality of terahertz emission from photoinduced gas plasmas

    C. Köhler, E. Cabrera-Granado, I. Babushkin, L. Bergé, J. Herrmann, S. Skupin

    Optics Letters 36 (2011) 3166-3169
  7. Tailoring terahertz radiation by controlling tunnel photoionization events in gases

    I. Babushkin, S. Skupin, A. Husakou, C. Köhler, E. Cabrera-Granado, L. Bergé, J. Herrmann

    New Journal of Physics 13 (2011) 123029/1-16
  8. Sources THz créées par des impulsions ultrabrèves

    L. Bergé, I. Babushkin, W. Kuehn, C. Köhler , S. Skupin, K. Reimann, M. Woerner, J. Hermann, T. Elsaesser

    in: Chocs Avancées 2010 (2011) 8-9
  9. Generation of terahertz radiation from ionizing two-color laser pulses in Ar filled metallic hollow waveguides

    I. Babushkin, S. Skupin, J. Herrmann

    Optics Express 18 (2010) 9658-9663
  10. Ultrafast spatiotemporal dynamics of terahertz generation by ionizing two-color femtosecond pulses in gases

    I. Babushkin, W. Kuehn, C. Köhler, S. Skupin, L. Bergé, K. Reimann, M. Woerner, J. Herrmann, T. Elsaesser

    Physical Review Letters 105 (2010) 053903/1-4