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Dr. Horst Rottke

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  1. Probing electron and hole colocalization by resonant four-wave mixing spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet

    H. Rottke, R. Y. Engel, D. Schick, J. O. Schunck, P. S. Miedema, M. C. Borchert, M. Kuhlmann, N. Ekanayake, S. Dziarzhytski, G. Brenner, U. Eichmann, C. von Korff Schmising, M. Beye, S. Eisebitt

    Science Advances 20 (2022) eabn5127/1-20
  2. Vierwellenmischung im extremen UV

    H. Rottke, D. Schick, S. Eisebitt

    Physik in unserer Zeit 53 (2022) 216-217
  3. Photon-Recoil Imaging: expanding the view of nonlinear x-ray physics

    U. Eichmann, H. Rottke, S. Meise, J.-E. Rubensson, J. Söderström, M. Agåker, C. Såthe, M. Meyer, T. M. Baumann, R. Boll, A. De Fanis, P. Grychtol, M. Ilchen, T. Mazza, J. Montano, V. Music, Y. Ovcharenko, D. E. Rivas, S. Serkez, R. Wagner, S. Eisebitt

    Science 369 (2020) 1630-1633
  4. Proton transfer dynamics following strong-field ionization of the water dimer

    C. Zhang, J. Lu, T. Feng, H. Rottke

    Physical Review A 99 (2019) 053408/1-8
  5. Strong-field ionization of xenon dimers: The effect of two-equivalent-center interference and of driving ionic transitions

    C. Zhang, T. Feng, N. Raabe, H. Rottke

    Physical Review A 97 (2018) 023417/1-11
  6. 43  W, 1.55  μm and 12.5  W, 3.1  μm dual-beam, sub-10 cycle, 100  kHz optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier

    M. Mero, Z. Heiner, V. Petrov, H. Rottke, F. Branchi, G. M. Thomas, M. J. J. Vrakking

    Optics Letters 43 (2018) 5246-5249
  7. Real-time tracking of two-electron dynamics in the ionization continuum of Xe

    M. Baggash, H. Rottke

    Physical Review A 91 (2015) 053403/1-9
  8. Phase differences in the photoemission from krypton in the fine-structure-split ionization channels 2P3/2 and 2P1/2

    M. Baggash, H. Rottke

    Physical Review A 92 (2015) 013424/1-6
  9. Imaging the impulsive alignment of noble-gas dimers via Coulomb explosion

    von Veltheim, A., B. Borchers, G. Steinmeyer, H. Rottke

    Physical Review A 89 (2014) 023432/1-12
  10. Frustrated tunnel ionization of noble gas dimers with Rydberg-electron shakeoff by electron charge oscillation

    von Veltheim, A., B. Manschwetus, W. Quan, B. Borders, G. Steinmeyer, H. Rottke, W. Sandner

    Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 023001/1-5