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Dr. Hartmut Ruhl

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MBI Publikationen

  1. The generation of images of surface structures by laser-accelerated protons

    H. Ruhl, T. Cowan, F. Pegoraro

    Laser and Particle Beams 24 (2006) 181-184
  2. Multispecies ion acceleration off laser-irradiated water droplets

    A. J. Kemp, H. Ruhl

    Physics of Plasmas 12 (2005) 033105/1-9
  3. The generation of micro-fiducials in laser-accelerated proton flows, their imaging property of surface structures and application for the characterization of the flow

    H. Ruhl, T. Cowan, J. Fuchs

    Physics of Plasmas 11 (2004) L17
  4. Electric field detection in laser-plasma interaction experiments via the proton imagin technique

    M. Borghesi, D. H. Campbell, A. Schiavi, H. Ruhl

    Physics of Plasmas 9 (2002) 2214
  5. Macroscopic Evidence of Soliton Formation in Multiterawatt Laser-Plasma Interaction

    M. Borghesi, S. Bulanov, D. H. Campbell, R. J. Clarke, T. Zh. Esirkepov, M. Galimberti, L. A. Gizzi, A. J. MacKinnon, N. M. Naumova, F. Pegoraro, H. Ruhl, A. Schiavi, O. Willi

    Physical Review Letters 88 (2002) 135002-
  6. 3D kinetic simulation of superintense laser-induced nomalous transport

    H. Ruhl

    Plasma Sources Sci Technol. 11 (2002) A1-A5
  7. Surface oscillations in overdense plasmas irradiated by ultrashort laser pulses

    A. Macchi, F. Cornolti, F. Pegoraro, T. V. Liseikina, H. Ruhl, V. A. Vshivkov

    Physical Review Letters 87 (2001) 205004/1-4
  8. Neutron energy spectra from the laser induced D(d,n)3 He reaction

    D. Hilscher, O. Bernd, M. Enke, U. Jahnke, P. V. Nickles, H. Ruhl, W. Sandner

    Physical Review E 64 (2001) 016414/1-9
  9. Relativistic interaction of laser pulses with plasmas

    S. V. Bulanov, F. Califano, G. I. Dudnikova, T. Z. Esirkepov, I. N. Inovenkov, F. F. Kamenets, T. V. Lisejkina, M. Lontano, K. Mima, N. M. Naumova, K. Nishihara, F. Pegoraro, H. Ruhl, A. S. Sakharov, Y. Sentoku, V. A. Vshivkov, V. V. Zhakhovskii

    Review of Plasma Physics 22 (2001) 227-335
  10. Formation of Electromagnetic Postsolitons in Plasmas

    N. M. Naumova, S. V. Bulanov, T. Z. Esirkepov, D. Farina, K. Nishihara, F. Pegoraro, H. Ruhl, A. S. Sakharov

    Physical Review Letters 87 (2001) 185004/1-4