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Prof. Dr. Fabian Rotermund

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  1. LiInSe2: A biaxial ternary chalcogenide crystal for nonlinear optical applications in the mid-infrared

    L. Isaenko, A. Yelisseyev, S. Lobanov, V. Petrov, F. Rotermund, G. Slekys, J.-J. Zondy

    Journal of Applied Physics 91 (2002) 9475-9480
  2. Femtosecond regenerative amplification in Cr:forsterite at 5-10 kHz

    V. Petrov, F. Noack, F. Rotermund

    Applied Physics B 75 (2002) 791-794
  3. Application of the solid solution CdxHg1-xGa2S4 as a nonlinear optical crystal

    V. Petrov, F. Rotermund

    Optics Letters 27 (2002) 1705-1707
  4. Compact all-diode-pumped femtosecond laser source based on chirped pulse optical parametric amplifiaction in periodically poled KTiOPO4

    F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, F. Noack, V. Pasiskevicius, J. Hellström, F. Laurell, H. Hundertmark, P. Adel, C. Fallnich

    Electronics Letters 38 (2002) 561-563
  5. Experimental and theoretical study of third-order harmonic generation in carbon nanotubes

    C. Stanciu, R. Ehlich, V. Petrov, O. Steinkellner, J. Herrmann, I. V. Hertel, G. Ya. Slepyan, A. A. Khrutchinski, S. A. Maksimenko, F. Rotermund, E. E. B. Campbell, F. Rohmund

    Applied Physics Letters 81 (2002) 4064-4066
  6. Characterization of ZnGeP2 for parametric generation with near-infrared femtosecond pumping

    F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, F. Noack, P. Schunemann

    Fiber and Integrated Optics 20 (2001) 139-150
  7. Optical parametric generation of femtosecond pulses up to 9 mm with LiInS2 pumped at 800 nm

    F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, F. Noack, L. Isaenko, A.Yelisseyev, S. Lobanov

    Applied Physics Letters 78 (2001) 2623-2625
  8. Femtosecond noncollinear optical parametric amplification in the mid-infrared with 1.25 mm pumping

    F. Rotermund, V. Petrov

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 40 (2001) 3195-3200
  9. LiInS2: A new nonlinear crystal for the mid-IR

    L. Isaenko, A. Yelisseyev, S. Lobanov, V. Petrov, F. Rotermund, J.-J. Zondy, G. H. M. Knippels

    Mat. Sci. Semicond. Process. 4 (2001) 665-668
  10. Review article: Generation of high-power femtosecond light pulses at 1kHz in the mid-infrared spectral range between 3 and 12 mm by second-order nonlinear processes in optical crystals

    V. Petrov, F. Rotermund, F. Noack

    Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 3 (2001) R1-R19