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  1. Hydrogen atom transfer in indole (NH3)n clusters: formation dynamics of (NH3)n-1NH4 fragments

    H. Lippert, V. Stert, L. Hesse, C. P. Schulz, W. Radloff, I. V. Hertel

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  3. Photodissociation spectroscopy of Li-H2O and Li-D2O complexes

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  5. Formation of K*He exciplexes on the surface of helium nanodroplets studies in real time

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  6. Clusters with polar molecules: Ultrafast dynamics, time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and femtosecond control

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    The Physics and Chemistry of Clusters, Proceedings of the 117th Nobel Symposium in Cluster Physics World Scientific (2001) 180-190
  7. Excitation of Rydberg series in C60

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  8. Solvation and chemical reaction of sodium in water clusters

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  9. Reply to Comment of Weida et al.

    F. Stienkemeier, H. O. Lutz, C. P. Schulz

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  10. Decoherence of quantum interfaces in potassium-doped helium droplets

    F. Stienkemeier, C. Claas, C. P. Schulz

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