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  1. Role of intrapulse coherence in carrier-envelope phase stabilization

    N. Raabe, T. Feng, T. Witting, A. Demircan, C. Brée, G. Steinmeyer

    Physical Review Letters 119 (2017) 123901/1-5
  2. Symmetry Breaking and Strong Persistent Plasma Currents via Resonant Destabilization of Atoms

    C. Brée, M. Hofmann, A. Demircan, U. Morgner, O. Kosareva, A. Savel’ev, A. Husakou, M. Ivanov, I. Babushkin

    Physical Review Letters 119 (2017) 243202/1-5
  3. Terahertz and higher-order Brunel harmonics: from tunnel to multiphoton ionization regime in tailored fields

    I. Babushkin, C. Brée, C. M. Dietrich, A. Demircan, U. Morgner, A. Husakou

    Journal of Modern Optics 64 (2017) 1078-1087
  4. Roadmap on optical rogue waves and extreme events

    N. Akhmediev, B. Kibler, F. Baronio, M. Belić, W.-P. Zhong, Y. Zhang, W. Chang, J. M. Soto-Crespo, P. Vouzas, P. Grelu, C. Lecaplain, K. Hammani, S. Rica, A. Picozzi, M. Tlidi, K. Panajotov, A. Mussot, A. Bendahmane, P. Szriftgiser, G. Genty, J. Dudley, A. Kudlinski, A. Demircan, U. Morgner, S. Amiranashvili, C. Bree, G. Steinmeyer, C. Masoller, N. G. R. Broderick, A. F. J. Runge, M. Erkintalo, S. Residori , U. Bortolozzo, F. T. Arecchi, S. Wabnitz, C. G. Tiofack, S. Coulibaly, M. Taki

    Journal of Optics 18 (2016) 063001/1-37
  5. The effect of chirp on pulse compression at a group velocity horizon

    I. Babushkin, S. Amiranashvili, C. Brée, U. Morgner, G. Steinmeyer, A. Demircan

    IEEE Photonics Journal 8 (2016) 7803113/1-13
  6. Ocean rogue waves and their phase space dynamics in the limit of a linear interference model

    S. Birkholz, C. Brée, I. Veselic, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer

    Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 35207/1-8
  7. Controlling formation and suppression of fiber-optical rogue waves

    C. Brée, G. Steinmeyer, I. Babushkin, U. Morgner, A. Demircan

    Optics Letters 41 (2016) 3515-3518
  8. Nonlinear time series analysis: Towards an effective forecast of rogue waves

    G. Steinmeyer, S. Birkholz, C. Brée, A. Demircan

    SPIE Proceedings Series 9732 (2016) 973205/1-6
  9. Rogue waves: will a forecast ever be possible?

    G. Steinmeyer, C. Bree, A. Demircan

    SPIE Newsroom Online (2016) 1-2
  10. Predictability of rogue events

    S. Birkholz, C. Brée, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer

    Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 213901/1-5