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  1. Revealing the second harmonic generation in a femtosecond laser-driven cluster-based plasma by analyzing shapes of Ar XVII spectral lines

    E. Oks, E. Dalimier, A. Faenov, Z. Pikuz, Y. Fukuda, A.A. Andreev, J. Koga, H. Sakaki, H. Kotaki, A. Pirozhkov, Y. Hayashi, I. Skobelev, S. Pikuz, T. Kawachi, M. Kando, K. Kondo, A. Zhidkov, R. Kodama

    Opt. Express 23 (2015) 32573-32581
  2. Ion acceleration in shell cylinders irradiated by a short intense laser pulse

    A. Andreev, K. Platonov, A. Sharma, M. Murakami

    Physics of Plasmas 22 (2015) 093106/1-11
  3. Relativistic laser nano-plasmonics for effective fast particle production

    A. Andreev, K. Platonov, J. Braenzel, A. Lubcke, S. Das, H. Messaoudi, R. Grunwald, C. Gray, E. McGlynn, M. Schnuerer

    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (2015) 014038/1-10
  4. Ion acceleration by intense, few-cycle laser pulses with nanodroplets

    L. Lucchio, A. A. Andreev, P. Gibbon

    Physics of Plasmas 22 (2015) 053114 /1-10
  5. Shock wave acceleration of protons in inhomogeneous plasma interacting with ultrashort intense laser pulses

    Z. Lecz, A. Andreev

    Physics of Plasmas 22 (2015) 043103/1-11
  6. Coulomb driven energy boost of heavy ions for laser plasma acceleration

    J. Braenzel, A. A. Andreev, K. Platonov, M. Klingsporn, L. Ehrentraut, W. Sandner, M. Schnürer

    Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 124801/1-5
  7. Diagnostics of peak laser intensity based on the measurement of energy of electrons emitted from laser focal region

    M. P. Kalashnikov, A. A. Andreev, K. Ivanov, A. Galkin, V. Korobkin, M. Romanovsky, O. Shiryaev, M. Schnuerer, J. Braenzel, V. Trofimov

    Laser and Particle Beams 361-366 (2015) 1-6
  8. Tracing ultrafast dynamics of strong fields at plasma-vacuum interfaces with longitudinal proton probing

    F. Abicht, J. Braenzel, G. Priebe, Ch. Koschitzki, A. A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner, M. Schnürer

    Applied Physics Letters 105 (2014) 034101/1-6
  9. X-ray generation under oblique incidence of femtosecond laser pulses with kHz pulse repetition rate on a metal foil with irregular relief

    A. A. Goryaev, A. A. Andreev, K. Yu Platonov, M. V. Sedov, N. I. Zhavoronkov

    Optics and Spectroscopy 117 (2014) 990-994
  10. Effective post-acceleration of ion bunches in foils irradiated by ultra-intense laser pulses

    A. A Andreev, P. V. Nickles, K. Yu Platonov

    Physics of Plasmas 21 (2014) 083110/1-12