Services and infrastructure for research

Numerous services and infrastructure for research at the MBI are jointly organized by the Board of Directors. These include in particular the tasks described below (in brackets the current group leaders):

  • Administration (A. Grimm)
    The staff members of the institute administration perform the institute-specific tasks of financial management (purchasing, account assignment, auditing), third-party funds management and human resources in division of labor with the joint administration of the research network.
  • Library and Information (A. Sato)
    The MBI has a small reference library in which the most important literature, especially on scientific journals, is kept available on site. Electronic access to scientific journals, databases and other online services plays a central role and is largely organized jointly by the institutes in Adlershof. The library of the MBI works closely together with the branch library natural sciences of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) in the Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum (ESZ) in Adlershof and with the IGAFA. The library provides a plotter for printing larger presentations and posters.
  • IT-Services (Th.-M. Kruel)
    The EDP is responsible for the ongoing operation, the further development and the security of the computer applications and the comprehensive common computer network, as well as for the maintenance of the operating hardware and software (application server, WWW, network management, file server, etc.). In addition, assistance is offered for the PCs used in the institutional network, their peripherals and workstations. The IT group supports the decentralized department administrators responsible for the maintenance of hardware and software in the various departments.
  • Maintenance (A. Herzog)
    The tasks of the operational engineering include operation and maintenance of the central operational equipment, the building services including installation measures for the scientific experiments and the general operational infrastructure (car service, goods receiving and janitorial services).
  • Construction and Mechanical Workshop (T. Müller)
    In addition to the original tasks of manufacturing apparatuses and mechanical structures for scientific experimental operation, the group also covers the constructive side of the design of scientific equipment and devices.