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A1-P-2018.02J. Bonse, T. Seuthe, M. Grehn, M. Eberstein, A. Rosenfeld, A. Mermillod-Blondin
Time-resolved microscopy of fs-laser-induced heat flows in glasses
Applied Physics A 124 (2018) 1-6
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A2-P-2017.14T. Witting, F. J. Furch, M. J. J. Vrakking
Spatio-temporal characterisation of a 100 kHz 24 W sub-3-cycle NOPCPA laser system
Journal of Optics 20 (2018) 044003/1-8
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A3-P-2017.36P. Loiko, P. Koopmann, X. Mateos, J. M. Serres, V. Jambunathan, A. Lucianetti, T. Mocek, M. Aguilo, F. Diaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, C. KrÀnkel
Highly-efficient, compact Tm3+:RE2O3 (RE: Y, Lu, Sc) sesquioxide lasers based on thermal guiding
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 24 (2018) 1600713
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A3-P-2017.38B.-H. Chen, M. Kretschmar, D. Ehberger, A. Blumenstein, P. Simon, P. Baum, T. Nagy
Compression of picosecond pulses from a thin-disk laser to 30fs at 4W average power
Optics Express 26 (2018) 3861-3869
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A3-P-2018.01B.-H. Chen, T. Nagy, P. Baum
Efficient middle-infrared generation in LiGaS2 by simulataneous spectral broadening and difference-frequency generation
Optics Letters 43 (2018) 1742-1745
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A3-P-2018.02A. A. Boyko, P. G. Schunemann, S. Guha, N. Y. Kostyukova, D. B. Kolker, V. L. Panyutin, G. M. Marchev, V. Pasiskevicius, A. Zukauskas, F. Mayorov, V. Petrov
Optical parametric oscillator pumped at similar to 1 mu m with intracavity mid-IR difference-frequency generation in OPGaAs
Optical Materials Express 8 (2018) 549-554
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A3-P-2018.03Y. Zhao, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, X. Mateos, Z. Pan, P. Loiko, W. Zhou, X. Xu, J. Xu, D. Shen, S. Suomalainen, A. HÀrkönen, M. Guina, U. Griebner, V. Petrov
87 fs mode-locked Tm,Ho:CaYAlO4 laser at similar to 2043 nm
Optics Letters 43 (2018) 915-918
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B1-P-2017.17K. Witte, I. Mantouvalou, R. Sánchez-de-Armas, H. Lokstein, J. Lebendig-Kuhla, A. Jonas, F. Roth, B. Kanngießer, H. Stiel
On the Electronic Structure of Cu Chlorophyllin and Its Breakdown Products: A Carbon K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study
Journal of Physical Chemistry B online (2018) 905–911
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B1-P-2018.01S. Kovalev, Zhe Wang, J.-C. Deinert, N. Awari, M. Chen, B. Green, S. Germanskiy, T. V. A. G. de Oliveira, S. Lee, A. Deac, D. Turchinovich, N. Stojanovic, S. Eisebitt, I. Radu, S. Bonetti, T. Kampfrath, M. Gensch
Selective THz control of magnetic order: new opportunities from superradiant undulator sources
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 51 (2018) 114007/1-8
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B2-P-2017.02H. Zimmermann, S. Meise, A. Khujakulov, A. Magaña, A. Saenz, U. Eichmann
Limit on excitation and stabilization of atoms in intense optical laser fields
Physical Review Letters 120 (2018) 123202/1-6
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B2-P-2017.03C. Zhang, T. Feng, N. Raabe, H. Rottke
Strong-field ionization of xenon dimers: The effect of two-equivalent-center-center interference and of driving ionic transitions
Physical Review A 97 (2018) 023417/1-11
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B3-P-2017.04G. Loisch, J. Goo, M. Gross, H. Huck, I. Isaev, M. Krasilnikov, O. Lishilin, A. Oppelt, Y. Renier, F. Stephan, R. Brinkmann, F. GrĂŒner, I. Will
Photocathode laser based bunch shaping for high transformer ratio plasma wakefield acceleration
Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and associated Equipment online (2018) 1-4
B3-P-2018.01T. M. Ostermayr, J. Gebhard, D. Haffa, D. Kiefer, C. Kreuzer, K. Allinger, C. Bömer, J. Braenzel, M. SchnĂŒrer,, I. Cermak, J. Schreiber, P. Hilz
A transportable Paul-trap for levitation and accurate positioning of micron-scale particles in vacuum for laser-plasma experiments
Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (2018) 013302/1-11
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B4-P-2017.09M. Schneider, C. M. GĂŒnther, B. Pfau, F. Capotondi, M. Manfredda, M. Zangrando, N. Mahne, L. Raimondi, E. Pedersoli, D. Naumenko, S. Eisebitt
In situ single-shot diffractive fluence mapping for X-ray free-electron laser pulses
Nature Communications 9 (2018) 214/1-6
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C1-P-2017.06E. M. Bruening, J. Schauss, T. Siebert, B. Fingerhut, T. Elsaesser
Vibrational dynamics and couplings of the hydrated RNA backbone – a 2D-IR study
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (2018) 583-587
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C1-P-2018.01M. Kubin, M. Guo, M. Ekimova, M. L. Baker, T. Kroll, E. KĂ€llman, J. Kern, V. K. Yachandra, J. Yano, E. T. J. Nibbering, M. Lundberg, P. Wernet
Direct determination of absolute absorption cross sections at the L-edge of dilute Mn complexes in solution using a transmission flatjet
Inorganic Chemistry Online (2018)
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C2-P-2017.12J. Rieprich, M. Winterfeldt, R. Kernke, J. W. Tomm, P. Crump
Chip-carrier thermal barrier and its impact on lateral thermal lens profile and beam parameter product in high power broad area lasers
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (2018) 125703/1-11
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C2-P-2017.19E. Escoto, A. Tajalli, T. Nagy, G. Steinmeyer
Advanced phase retrieval for dispersion scan: a comparative study
Journal of The Optical Society America B 35 (2018) 8-19
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C2-P-2017.21M. NĂ€rhi, G. Steinmeyer, G. Genty
Effect of coherence on all-optical signal amplification by supercontinuum generation
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 35 (2018) 140-145
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C2-P-2017.22G. Steinmeyer
Nonlinear and short pulse effects
in: Handbook of Optoelectronics, Volume I, J. P. Dakin, R. G. W. Brown (Eds.), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton (2018) p. 281-301
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C2-P-2017.23G. Steinmeyer
Ultrafast optoelectronics
in: Handbook of Optoelectronics, Volume I, J. P. Dakin, R. G. W. Brown (Eds.), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton (2018) p. 445-571
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C2-P-2017.28L. Shi, B. Iwan, Q. Ripault, J. R. C. Andrade, S. Han, H. Kim, W. Boutu, D. Franz, R. Nicolas, T. Heidenblut, C. Reinhardt, B. Bastiaens, T. Nagy, I. Babuskin, U. Morgner, S.-W. Kim, G. Steinmeyer, H. Merdji, M. Kovačev
Resonant-plasmon-assisted subwavelength ablation by a femtosecond oscillator
Physical Review Applied 9 (2018) 024001/1-9
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C2-P-2017.29J. Hyyti, M. Perestjuk, F. Mahler, R. Grunwald, F. GĂŒell, C. Gray, E. McGlynn, G. Steinmeyer
Field enhancement of multiphoton induced luminescence processes in ZnO nanorods
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 51 (2018) 105306/1-11
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C2-P-2017.30E. Kifle, X. Mateos, P. Loiko, S. Y. Choi, J. E. Bae, F. Rotermund, M. AguilĂł, F. DĂ­az, U. Griebner, V. Petrov
Tm:KY1-x-yGdxLuy(WO4)2 planar waveguide laser passively Q-switched by single-walled carbon nanotubes
Optics Express 26 (2018) 4961-4966
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C2-P-2017.31X. Mateos, P. Loiko, S. Lamrini, K. Scholle, P. Fuhrberg, S. Vatnik, I. Vedin, M. AguilĂł, F. DĂ­az, U. Griebner, V. Petrov
Thermo-optic effects in Ho:KY(WO4)2 thin-disk lasers
Optical Materials Express 8 (2018) 684-690
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C2-P-2017.32J. W. Tomm, R. Kernke, G. Mura, M. Vanzi, M. Hempel, B. Acklin
Catastrophic optical damage of GaN-based diode lasers: sequence of events, damage pattern, and comparison with GaAs-based devices
Journal of Electronic Materials Online (2018)
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C2-P-2017.33J. W. Tomm, R. Kernke, A. Löffler, B. Stojetz, A. Lell, H. König
Defect evolution during catastrophic optical damage in 450-nm emitting InGaN/GaN diode lasers
SPIE Proceedings Series 10553 (2018) 1055308/1-7
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C2-P-2018.01J. Hong, H. Wang, F. Yue, J. W. Tomm, D. Kruschke, C. Jing, S. Chen, Y. Chen, W. Hu, J. Chu
Emission kinetics from PbSe quantum dots in glass matrix at high excitation levels
Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters Online (2018)
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C2-P-2018.02X. Mateos, P. Loiko, S. Lamrini, K. Scholle, P. Fuhrberg, S. Suomalainen, A. HÀrkönen, M. Guina, S. Vatnik, I. Vedin, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, Y. Wang, U. Griebner, V. Petrov
Ho:KY(WO4)2 thin-disk laser passively Q-switched by a GaSb-based SESAM
Optics Express 26 (2018) 9011-9016
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C3-P-2016.12M. Woerner, K. Reimann, T. Elsaesser
Multidimensional Terahertz Spectroscopy
in: Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, 2nd ed., vol. 2, B. D. Guenther, D. G. Steel (Eds.), Elsevier, (2018) p. 197-206
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C3-P-2017.07C. Hauf, A. Hernandez, M. Holtz, M. Woerner, T. Elsaesser
Soft-mode driven polarity reversal in ferroelectrics mapped by ultrafast x-ray diffraction
Structural Dynamics 5 (2018) 024501/1-11
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T1-P-2018.03Á. Jiménez-Galån, G. Dixit, S. Patchkovskii, O. Smirnova, F. Morales, M. Ivanov
Attosecond recorder of the polarization state of light
Nature Communications 9 (2018) 850/1-6
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T2-P-2017.13D. Ayuso, P. Decleva, S. Patchkovskii, O. Smirnova
Chiral dichroism in bi-elliptical high-order harmonic generation
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics online (2018)
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T2-P-2017.17D. B. Miloơević, W. Becker
Channel-closing effects in strong-field ionization by a bicircular field
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51 (2018) 054001/1-9
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T2-P-2017.21S. Beaulieu, A. Comby, D. Descamps, B. Fabre, G. A. Garcia, R. Géneaux, A. G. Harvey, F. Légaré, Z. Maƥín, L. Nahon, A. F. Ordonez, S. Petit, B. Pons, Y. Mairesse, O. Smirnova, V. Blanchet
Photoexcitation circular dichroism in chiral molecules
Nature Physics 1 (2018) online/1-9
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T2-P-2018.01S. Eckart , M. Kunitski, M. Richter, A. Hartung, J. Rist, F. Trinter, K. Fehre, N. Schlott, K. Henrichs, L. Ph. H. Schmidt, T. Jahnke, M. Schöffler, Kunlong Liu, I. Barth, J. Kaushal, F. Morales, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova, R. Dörner   
Ultrafast preparation and detection of ring currents in single atoms
Nature Physics online (2018)
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T3-P-2018.01A. Perez-Leija, R. d. J. Leon-Montiel, J. Sperling, H. Moya-Cessa, A. Szameit, K. Busch
Two-particle four-point correlations in dynamically disordered tight-binding networks
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51 (2018) 024002/1-9
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T3-P-2018.02C. Wolff, K. Busch, N. A. Mortensen
Modal expansions in periodic photonic systems with material loss and dispersion
Physical Review B 97 (2018) 104203/1-14
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